Junior School Report

Message from the Director of Learning

- Ms. Alice Paget

Term 2 is well and truly underway. The Year 7 students will be finishing their Peer Support Program this term where they have been working closely with Year 10 Peer Support Leaders. This program has given Year 7s the opportunity to form positive relationships with role models at the college, developing their interpersonal skills and building relationships with their peers.

Both Year 7 and 8 students will continue their weekly sport, competing against other schools in the Kingston District. The sports they will be competing in this term include: Netball, Badminton and Soccer. Congratulations to the Year 8 Volleyball team, who won the Kingston Division Final and are now off to region. Good luck girls!


Upcoming Events:


Junior School Camp (7th-9th May)

The 7 and 8 students are very excited to be heading down the Great Ocean Road to Lorne, to take part in a 3-day surf camp. Activities will include: surfing lessons,  beach safety education, beach and surf carnival, walks to local attractions and lookouts, team building activities and an ecologic rock pool ramble.


Guest Speakers from the Commonwealth Games (10th May)

We are very lucky to have Josh Beaver (won the bronze medal of the 200m backstroke at the Commonwealth Games) and Joey Deng (made the 800m track final at the Commonwealth Games) to come and speak to the students about their respective journeys in elite sport.


Big Science Competition (10th May) 

Good luck to all students competing this year!


Ms.  Alice Paget

VSSEC Excursion:  Mission to Mars


On the 23rd and 24th of April, Year 8 Science students went to Victorian Space Science Education Centre in Strathmore.


In the Year 8 science curriculum, we are now learning about rocks and minerals, so the purpose of this excursion was to experience a hands-on task with different type of rocks on Mars.  We formed 2 groups and got the chance to be mission controllers on Earth and then swap with the other group to be astronauts on Mars.


We each had different roles, such as a Geologist, Commanders, Engineers, Physicist, Biologist and a Chemist.

Our mission was to make sure the astronauts landed on Mars and returned to Earth safely, as well as, assist them to collect and identify different rock types by using professional equipment.


Later in the day, the students went to the science labs to examine and analyse the rock samples that were collected from Mars. Overall, we had a fascinating once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Thalia Wong,  Angelina Oeung  and Naufal Juman

Year 8 

Junior School ​Spelling Bee

We have an exciting announcement for our junior students at Westall - the introduction of a spelling bee! It will be held each Thursday lunch from 1:30pm in Balook. Term Two will focus on irregular words and the most commonly misspelt words from NAPLAN. The winner of each week will receive two Westall stickers and go straight into the Grand Final that will be held in the last week of term. Hope to see all our Junior School students there!


Ms. Samantha Dewhurst

Learning Specialist: Literacy/EAL