Assistant Principal Report 

Assistant Principal - Mrs. Sue Simadri


Welcome to Term 2!  


Last term, all parents/guardians were issued with usernames and passwords to access Compass. We also required for parents to do online bookings for the recent Parent-Teacher Interviews. It is really important that parents and carers are able to login in and monitor their child’s attendance and progress. If you are unable to do so for whatever reason, please contact the school. If you have not as yet logged in, we encourage you to log in as soon as possible and begin using the system, so that you become comfortable with navigating Compass. Many teachers are utilising the Learning Tasks feature to report assessment results and to provide feedback on how students can improve. Next semester, all teachers will be expected to provide ongoing feedback to their students via Learning Tasks. Important notices will also be posted on Compass. As we move to making Compass our one-stop-shop, it is strongly recommend that parents develop the skills to effectively use this platform. The college is willing to provide support as and when needed; please ring 9546 3233.


International Student Program

A warm welcome to all new students who have commenced at the College or arrived in the Westall English Language Centre. We have had a number of International students, who arrived during the recent term break, and we are expecting more students to join us over the course of this year.Local Families who are interested in hosting an international student, are invited to contact our International Students Program Coordinator, Mrs Po Sim Ngian, at the College. Being a “home stay provider” has many benefits and assists our young learners who make the very important decision to come and study in Australia.  We value and thank all the home stay families who are currently providing this service to our students.


Winter Uniform

Winter is fast approaching. Families are reminded that all students should now be wearing full winter uniform. School ties must be worn and students are encouraged to wear plain white t-shirts under the school shirt for added warmth. If worn, head scarves, must be navy blue. Beanies, hoodies, black stockings and non-school jackets are not permitted at any time. Thank you to all families for your continued support of the college uniform policy.


Student ID Cards

All students are required to have their ID cards with them at all times. They must present their card to borrow books/equipment from the library, to print/photocopy, and as photo ID for VCE examinations. Any student who does not have their ID card as yet, must purchase it from the General Office for $10.  Preparation for Exams As we approach the end of the first semester, students are faced with formal assessments and exams. This can be a stressful time for many, particularly for students who are undertaking VCE studies. Throughout the school year, we offer a range of support structures and strategies to assist students to manage stress. Ms Kristi Lynch, Wellbeing Coordinator, is available to work with, and support, students and families. Click on the link below to find out how you can prepare for tests and exams, according to Child Psychologist, Andrew Fuller.



Have you moved house or changed phone numbers?

If so, please remember to fill in a ‘Change of Details’ form (attached below). The form can also be collected from the General Office. Please return this form as soon as possible. It is important that we have your most current details for general purposes and in the case of an emergency. It is also important that you keep your mobile phone and email address details up to date on Compass. This is to ensure you do not miss out on vital information, including student attendance alerts, student report information, curriculum days, etc.