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Last week we were fortunate to receive a visit from Craig Cummings, the E-Learning Consultant from Catholic Education Melbourne. Craig has a whole range of the latest E-Learning technology, toys, gadgets and robots. He needed some help to get them up and running to see what they are capable of. We knew the Year 5/6 students in Tech Club were more than up to the task. So last Friday, the students spent an exciting morning exploring a range of technology including Cue and Cozmo the robots, WeDo Lego 2.0 and Robobloq kits.  


The students carefully constructed, programmed, coded and (of course) played with some amazing technology and it was great to see some of the new and exciting things being incorporated into education. Keep an eye out for a highlights video next week! Until then, here are a few photos from the morning. 


Miss Melanie Larkin

E-Learning Leader