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Respectful Relationships

As mentioned last week, one of the key elements to this program is promoting gender equality within our school communities and encouraging children to challenge gender norms. Sometimes we don't even realise that we are cementing these norms rather than challenging them in our daily lives; through our actions and words.

The video below is an advertisement and emphasises the effect or influence that gender stereotyping can have on our young people.

Here is an update of the topics and units that each Learning Community is currently exploring. It would be great if you would continue the discussions that the children are having in the classroom at home:


Year Prep - Calm time, managing emotions

Year 1/2 - Using personal strengths to resist gender stereotyping

Year 3/4 - Investigating gender roles in children's media

Year 5/6 - Stressors, lifting the mood

Update from the Year Prep Community

Last week the Prep students paid a visit to their Year 6 Buddies. In reading and writing they have been learning about procedures. They looked at the procedure for creating a Grass Head. The students worked with the Year 5/6 students to make their very own Grass Head! It was a fantastic afternoon and, as always, the children worked together beautifully and the Year 5/6 students were there to support their buddies and lend a helping hand. Here are some moments captured from the afternoon.