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What are the risks?

  • Anonymity — it can be easier to say and do things online that you might not do offline, which can lead to damaging or negative experiences for others.
  • Cyberbullying and online abuse — online abuse and harassment are a risk for anyone using social media and chat apps. Learn more about cyberbullying and adult cyber abuse.
  • Image-based abuse — an intimate image of you could be shared online without your consent. Learn more about image-based abuse and the risks of sending nudes and sexting.
  • Sharing too much information — for example, photos from a party might be OK for close friends to see but can become an issue if shared more widely and could damage your digital reputation.
  • Not protecting your personal information — account details and location-based information can be used inappropriately by others to find you or access your online accounts. It is important that you understand the risks associated with disclosing information about yourself online and know how to manage both your privacy and online friends. Learn more about how to protect your personal information and set strong passwords.
  • Treating online friends as real friends — it's easy for people to lie online, including those who are seeking children and young people in order to abuse them. Make sure you are careful about how well you really know your online ‘friends'. Learn more about unwanted contact and what to do if someone is contacting you and you don’t want them to.

What can I do to have a safer experience while using social media and online chat?

Limit your friend list — don't 'friend' random people or allow people you don’t know to ‘follow’ your social media accounts.


Adjust your privacy settings — make your accounts private so that only friends you know face-to-face can see what you post. Read more about privacy settings below and see the eSafety guide for information about how to update your privacy settings.


Your personal information is valuable — don't share it. Learn more about how to protect your personal information.


E Learning Coordinator

Zachary Lane