Careers and Pathways 

Accessing 2020 VCE Results

VCE study scores, ATAR and VTAC Scaled Study Scores will be available to students via the Results and ATAR website and the Results and ATAR app at 7.00am on Wednesday 30 December 2020.  Students will receive a statement of VCE study scores from the VCAA, and those who applied for courses through VTAC this year and have paid their VTAC processing fees, will be sent an ATAR statement in the mail.


Students who wish to receive their results online, will need to register at before results are released. 

Registrations are open, and students are encouraged to register soon. 


Useful Resources:

Tertiary institutions contact details for change of preference are here.

Beyond School Study Guide found on the Study Assist website.



First Round Offers for 2021

First Round Offers will be emailed out on 14 January.  Students will only receive an offer if their VTAC fee has been paid by 17 December.  A maximum of one offer will be received and all students should accept this offer, even if it’s not their first choice.  Some courses have 2nd, 3rd, 4th and even 5th round offers throughout February and March.


For further information on the offer system you can visit the VTAC website.


Help will be available during the break at the following times:


30 December  10am – 3pm

31 December  10am – 3pm

2 January        10am – 3pm

3 January        10am – 3pm

4 January        10am – 12pm

14 January      10am – 3pm

15 January      10am – 3pm




Please check the THS careers website for more news and events.