From our Assistant Principal 

2021 Prep Transition

Today we started our 2021 Prep Transition Program. Due to COVID-19 restrictions this looks a bit different to previous years, with shorter sessions and less students in each group.  It was lovely meeting and welcoming new families to the Croydon Hills community and seeing lots of siblings walking through the gates as well. 

Transition Through The School

Our Prep to Year 5 students also started their transition process last Friday and it will continue tomorrow afternoon. These sessions allow students to familiarise themselves with the classrooms and areas used for their new year level, meet some different students who will be in that year level in 2021 and find out what they have to look forward to in the new year.  Students will be completing their class friendship choices in the coming week.

Colour Your Threads for Pos. Ed.

Yesterday students and staff lit up the school by dressing in bright colours for ‘Colour your threads for Pos Ed’. This year’s theme was ‘From Strength to Strength in Tough Times’, focusing on character strengths, both your own and the strengths of those around you. Students engaged in learning activities throughout the day relating to character strengths, growth mindset or resilience.


Outdoor Classroom Day

Today the students celebrated Outdoor Classroom Day with all classes completing a lesson outdoors. Whilst the weather was a bit wet at times, classes made the most of breaks between showers to spend some time learning outside.


Music Count Us In

Today our students also participated in the nationwide performance for ‘Music Count Us In’.  Music Count Us In plays a vital role in fostering music education in schools, with representation in every state and territory in the country singing and performing together.  Again, COVID has caused the event to look a little different this year, with group singing currently not allowed in Victorian schools, so Mr King successfully led our students in learning the Auslan version of the performance. The song performed this year was called ‘You Won’t Bring Us Down’.


Amy Prior  -  Assistant Principal