Year 8 Wellbeing Day

by Jamia Dun 8B

Year 8 Wellbeing Day, Thursday 10th September was a wonderful way to end the term. With the Butterfly Foundation Presentation,  House Mural Activity and House Dance Party in the morning, followed by the Walking Through Time in the afternoon, I think that students enjoyed Wellbeing day virtually, just as much as they would have interactively in school.


 It was a great way to interact with friends in different houses, and for students to talk to other Year 8s that they haven’t met before or haven’t seen since Year 7. It was noted that most of the Year 8s took an interest in the house mural, and I think it was a great way to bring out student’s creativity and personality by showing other Year 8s what they love to do on a virtual tile. According to the Wellbeing Day Survey, the house mural was the most popular activity of the day. 


Another activity was the Butterfly Foundation, where we had Rachel Soderstrom come and talk about teens and adults who are struggling with coping with their body image. She also taught us ways to cope with these problems, like going for walks, doing jigsaws, and cooking. It was very informative, and we should thank her for giving us a new perspective of how hard it can be to live with these things. 


After the Butterfly Foundation, was the dance party. All the Year 8s got to bust out some dance moves at home while following the Mr Motion and other DJ’s moves. The energy and enthusiasm some of the students had was great and I hope that the Year 8s next year will have as much enthusiasm as we did. 


The last activity of the day was the Walking Through Time, where we did some small dances and answered questions according to the part of time it was, I personally enjoyed this because it made me realise things, like how much I valued the friends in my life and the things that I enjoy. 


I think that we could all agree that wellbeing day was one of the best days this year.