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As always mentioned before, PFA runs on funds collected through donations from uniform shop, Bunnings BBQs and through various events organized like Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. The funds are used for number of good causes that help the school, teachers, students, and the community. Based on the discussions in the last PFA meetings, we are happy to announce that PFA would contribute some funds towards the following projects for 2022. 

Initiatives approved by PFA, 2022!

  • Contributions towards Sir Gus Statue. $5000 
  • Outdoor Table Tennis Table -Approx. $2000-2500
  • Custom Chair Slips. Approx. $1500
  • Nossal Marquee. Approx. $2200
  • Outdoor furniture and shading have been completed. PFA contribution ~ 9500 AUD towards the furniture.  See picture below.

2023 Y9 - Orientation Day (8 November)

Eni, Trudi and Bavani

2023 Y9 - Parent Information Night

Cheryl, Jieming, Jaya and Niranjala


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our Parents/PFA team along with the wider community who have helped in several events and helped us to raise funds for the school.

2023 Year 9 Parents

PFA engaged in a warm welcoming of the Year 9 Parents both on Information Night and Orientation Day. The PFA community assisted with tea and coffee alongside providing brief overview about PFA and its role in the school. It was very encouraging to see about 35 new parents enrol in the PFA, and on behalf of the PFA team, I welcome you all and look forward to your collaboration with us in the following years.


Uniform shop was open on orientation day and was a massive $3800 was raised thru pertinent efforts from Jodie, Trudi, Heena, Cheryl.

Upcoming Events: We had our end of year PFA dinner on the 7th Dec and this was the last event for the year. It was wonderful to catch up with some of new PFA members and we hope you all had a flavour of the camaraderie within PFA, and you enjoyed the evening meeting the other PFA members.


End of Year Dinner  

2023 New PFA members


This year we had a number of events, and we hope to bring in more in the coming year!

Old Nossalonians Association (ONA):


The ONA recently held their AGM, and their executive committee was reconstituted.  We look forward to work with the new committee member’s next year and hope we can collaborate for newer ideas and maintain ongoing connections with the ONA in 2023.

Next PFA Meeting

The next meeting of the Nossal PFA will be held Wednesday 01 February 2023, commencing at 7pm. If you would like to Join the PFA and be part of this vibrant school community group, please reach out to Shankar Ramadas Email: / Ph: 0423125892 and we will send you the PFA forms.

Reminder : PFA Registration

We welcome any new members as we roll into the new year. We appreciate all contributions from our amazing parents and friends. We would welcome both the new and the established parents to be part of the team. Feel free to reach out for a chat if you want to keen to join!     

Uniform Shop

Students and parents are again reminded that the Secondhand Uniform is open on the first Monday of each month, during school terms. The shop is located at the rear of northern (Jean Russell Centre) carpark, inside the front door of the Fitness Centre. The shop opens between 8:30am and 9:30am with all proceeds going to projects and equipment for the school. Donations of uniform are very welcome and can be left at Reception. 


As 2022 ends, I am so glad that we all had a full school year without interruptions and would like to take this opportunity to thank the school leadership team and to all the staff for their tireless efforts. 


I also take this opportunity on behalf of PFA to wish Mr. Page for his extraordinary service to the school as he formally retires. You were a significant asset to the school and the PFA team, and I am sure we all will miss you. We wish good health and a happy retired life!


It has been a great year to be associated with the school and the lovely PFA Team.

On behalf of PFA team, wishing you and loved ones a wonderful and safe holiday, Merry Christmas and Happy 2023!


Shankar Ramadas 

Vice President PFA & Nossal PFA Communications Officer  

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The PFA's Goals

  • Promote friendship and support within the Nossal Community through social activities
  • Provide a forum for communication amongst the Nossal community
  • Help raise funds to support school programs
  • Liaise with the school council and Leadership Team
  • Support the teaching staff

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Shankar Ramadas 

Vice President PFA & Nossal PFA Communications Officer