From the Principals' Desk 

Roger Page -  Principal

Dear Parents, 


This is the final Nossal Newsletter for 2022, and the last ever Nossal Newsletter report from me as Principal. It feels quite strange to be contemplating my final few days at Nossal and as a teacher/principal and there has certainly been no letting up and no winding down over the last few weeks as we try to finish off everything that needs to be completed before the school closure, and make sure that all preparations and planning is in place for 2023. 

Those of you who attended Speech Night will have witnessed my emotional farewell to a school and community that I have lived, loved, and breathed for the past 14 years. It has been an honour and privilege to have been the foundation Principal of our wonderful school and I am already missing the things that I most enjoy about Nossal and about being an educator. Teaching is a challenging and compelling vocation; it is certainly not easy as some in the community perceive, and it has become increasingly more challenging in my 44 years as an educator. It is also exceptionally rewarding and enjoyable, and I shall miss the busyness, the vibrancy, and most of all the opportunities to witness staff and students interacting, learning, and coming together to create wonderful events and experiences. I have enjoyed all the schools I have worked in, but Nossal has been very special, and our school community has provided me with so many unique and affirming learning experiences and introduced me to thousands of exceptionally talented staff and students. One of the best things about working with young adults, particularly those with the talent, aspiration, and potential of all Nossalonians, is that you are working with the future and (I’m sorry if this is a bit of a cliché, but in this case, it is absolutely true) I am greatly reassured that our future will be in very good hands with Nossal students as the leaders of tomorrow. 


I have been humbled by the kind words and tributes that I have received over the past few weeks from within and outside the school, and it has been wonderful to have been able to reconnect with many of the key people who have been involved since the very beginning of Nossal and to whom we all owe a great vote of thanks. During my retirement I do hope to document some of my most treasured memories and anecdotes from the early history of the school so that they can be commemorated and preserved for future generations who may wish to understand how the school evolved, what it was like in the “early days,” and why we do things the way we do. 


I also hope to be regularly invited back to events and activities at the school and with the alumni so I can maintain a connection and perhaps be of some use to the school in the years to come.  


I look forward to some rest, recreation, and some travel and will continue to work within education in some capacity; but doubt that it will be as rewarding as the past 14 years have been. I also look forward to seeing how the new Principal and leadership team move the school forward and improve it even further. 


I sincerely thank you all for affording me this unique and life changing opportunity and for being a part of the creation, development, and success of our school. 

Acting Principal 

As I will be taking long service leave next year prior to officially retiring I am very happy that Tracey Mackin has been confirmed by DET as the Acting Principal in the interim. I think this is a wise choice (and makes my handover much easier!). Tracey is an exceptional thinker, and the school will be in very safe and capable hands. I am pleased to announce that Ms Fiona Vanstan (our Head of Health and PE) will be taking on the role of Acting Assistant Principal for 2023, returning to the role she filled very effectively here several years ago. I congratulate and thank them both for taking on these additional responsibilities. 

Staffing Changes 

Each year staff move on and are replaced by others who bring new skills and experience into our organisation. This is healthy and stops us stagnating, although with the extreme shortage of teachers that we are now starting to see first-hand, applicant numbers have plummeted, with some schools locally receiving no applicants at all for some positions This is likely to become progressively worse and will be a significant challenge for the State Education system in particular. 


Leaving Nossal:

  • Ms Katherine Warriner (Director of VCE/Chemistry teacher- already gone) – promotion to Assistant Principal at CHES (The Centre for Higher Education Studies). 
  • Mr Mark Jelinek (Maths Domain Leader – Maths teacher) – working with ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research) as a research fellow. 
  • Mr Tien Ng (Maths teacher) – resignation to pursue other pathways. 
  • Ms Vaishali Kentish (French teacher) – transfer to private sector. 
  • Ms Karry Zhang (Physics/Maths teacher) – transfer to private sector. 
  • Mr Shane Woon (English/Dram teacher) – promotion to Leading Teacher at Suzanne Cory HS. 
  • Ms Kamla Reddy (Director of the IRC) – retirement. 
  • Mr Ian Pegram (Maths teacher) – 12 months Long Service leave 
  • Ms Leanne Ansalde (Food Tech teacher) – 12 months leave. 
  • Mr Jason Bell (Facilities Manager) – 12 months leave. 
  • Mr Dale Sutcliffe (Economics/Hums teacher) – leave for Term 1. 

Joining Nossal:

  • Cameron Christiansen – Health and PE teacher 
  • Caroline Townsend – French teacher 
  • John Ninis – English/Theatre Studies teacher 
  • Anju Selex – Maths teacher 
  • Morgan Levick – Maths teacher 
  • Kevin Leong – Maths teacher 
  • Daniel Tommasini – Accounting/Humanities teacher 
  • Domingo Hu – Physics/Maths teacher 

Returning from Family Leave – Term 2: 

  • Anna Gonzales – English teacher 
  • Jane Denman – Humanities teacher 

I sincerely thank the departing staff for their commitment to Nossal and welcome our new staff members. 

Retiring PFA Legend and Founder 

I congratulate and thank Ms Trudi Dicker for her exceptional service to the school through her involvement with the PFA (Parents and Friends Association) since its inception. Her son Max was in the Foundation cohort of students in 2010 and Trudi has been actively involved in the school since 2010, even though her son finished in 2013. She helped establish and build the PFA and has been involved in all their events and activities and has raised thousands of dollars for the school through the annual second-hand book and uniform sale that she instigated and manages. 


I greatly admire Trudi’s dedication and commitment and she will be sorely missed by the PFA and the school. Thank you, Trudi, for all that you have done for us. 

VCE Results – Graduating Class of 2022 

Our students performed exceptionally well again this year in spite of the challenges of the COVID crisis during the bulk of their time with us. 

  • 66% achieved an ATAR over 90 (our highest result ever) 
  • Median ATAR is 93.6 
  • Highest ATAR is 99.75  
  • 11 students achieved an ATAR over 99 
  • Very few achieved an ATAR under 80 
  • The median study score was 36 
  • 24% achieved study scores of 40 and above 
  • 6 students achieved perfect scores of 50 
  • No students achieved under 25 in English (an exceptional result) 

Congratulations to our 2022 Dux – Sayam Mehta. 

Testing for Year 9 Entry for 2024 

We have contracted another company (ACER) to run the select entry exam process from 2023 after a long and positive relationship with Edutest. 


The format, style and structure of the exam will be significantly different from the previous tests and more information, testing dates, and sample formats will be provided early in 2023 via the school and DET websites. 


If you have children applying next year or know of people who are, I advise caution if tutoring companies are offering to prepare students for the exam as even I don’t know what it will look like at this stage. It is being designed to measure more of the applicants’ potential, rather than their achievement, so you may be wasting your money in working with them.  

Uniform Changes 

We have been working with PSW on some changes to our school uniform which may become available starting from Term 2 2023. 


At their December meeting, School Council have approved the following modifications:

  • Long sleeve options with longer hems for Summer Dresses
  • Long sleeve options for the Sports polo

(see photographs below).


These options should become available next year and are intended to assist those who need to cover their arms for religious purposes, or because they are cold with the erratic climate we are experiencing.  


We have also started the process to supply a new sports “Spray Jacket” for staff and students that will eventually replace the existing one as the old one is gradually phased out. 


The new jacket design has been strongly endorsed by students, staff, and parents on Council; it is a more contemporary design and more comfortable. It is water resistant but does not come with a hood, so Nossal beanies can be worn with it.  

First Aid Training 

Schools are required to have a designated number of First Aid trained staff to assist with camps and excursions. At Nossal we train and accredit all our staff (teaching and ES) in General First Aid, CPR and Defibrillation, and Anaphylaxis. They are checked and updated annually so that we can ensure greater awareness and understanding, and safety, within our school community. Most staff including new staff members undertook this year’s training program last week. 

School Office Hours and start Dates for 2023 

The school will close on Tuesday December 20 at 2.30 pm. and will re-open on Monday January 23, 2023. 


Teachers resume on Friday January 27 


Year 9 & 12 only resume on Monday January 30 for the Foundation Assembly 


Years 10 &11 resume on Tuesday January 31 


For urgent matters, I can be contacted via Teams, email ( or mobile phone (0408121847) 


Finally – I wish our school community a peaceful, safe, and enjoyable festive season. 


Best wishes, warm regards, and farewell. 


Roger Page  

Principal (for a few more weeks!)