House News

Meet the House Leaders for 2018


House Leaders play an important role caring for our students. You can contact your child's Home Group teacher or House Leader for any wellbeing concerns.

Lipson - Jenny Gibson


Working with young people inspires me. I love being a House Leader because it enables me to engage with our students and families on many levels. I am here to support our students with their learning and their wellbeing, and am a little competitive when it comes to House competitions! 



Gilmore House, the blue house, the best house, is named after Mary Gilmore. I am excited to be the Gilmore Leader again this year. Gilmore House consists of an amazing group of teachers and students that promote what it means to be a successive member of the MFG Community. 

As Leader I will aid my House members to achieve their individual goals - from feeling accepted and welcome as a new student to achieving the highest score in a study. Like Mary Gilmore, my passions are in English, Humanities and providing opportunities for people to experience success and acceptance.



Ten years ago I commenced at MFG as the Year 8 Student Manager. Fast forward to 2018, I now have three children of my own, worked part time for a few years in the class room and while also managing the VCAL program and now I find myself back in the role of student management and wellbeing (and still managing the VCAL program). I am very excited to take on the Beachley House Leader role and look forward to getting to know the Beachley students over the coming months.



My name is Bryce Baumgarten and I am the Freeman House leader. I am a Drama teacher and have a passion for the Arts and food. Before I was a teacher, I was a professional performer mainly doing Musical Theatre and working in Children’s Entertainment. I am also a bit of a Geek! I love computer games, reading fantasy novels and watching anime. As a teacher, I love what I do and I always want to see you grow. I firmly believe that effort = reward and I will always encourage you to work as hard as you can, so you can gain success. I hope we can all aim high and make MFGSC a vibrant, supportive, inclusive and innovative place to be.