Key Information

School Canteen

We are happy to announce 'H&H' as the new managers of our school canteen on Helen Fraser site. They follow the healthy eating guide and our school healthy eating policy. 

Coming soon:

- An on-line ordering system

- Eftpos facilities


Thank you for being so supportive of our uniform policy. Our students all look magnificent in their new uniforms.


The uniform shop apparently does not have the new sports polo and soft shell jacket with the new logo. It is perfectly acceptable to purchase these as long as they are the new uniform. Many students still have parts of their uniform with the old logo.


The Rugby Jumper that the uniform shop made up was not the right shape and the colours were not quite right. We have provided them with feedback and will continue to work with them. Our apologies that this is not ready yet, but we did not want to have a rugby jumper made that the students would definitely not like.


There is one set of pants already in the uniform shop and another is being developed by the school. Our apologies again as we were under the impression these would be in place by now.

In the meantime, the students can wear their blazer or school jumper and wear shorts or plain navy pants until they are available at the uniform shop.


Please be mindful of the following:

  • School Blazers are to be worn unless the advertised temperature is 25 or above.
  • School blazers are worn for formal assemblies and school photo day.
    • School Photos – 7&8 February
    • Whole School Assembly Term 1– 20 March 2018
  • Boots are not part of the school uniform
  • Hair colour is to be natural.

School Fees

Thank you to everyone that has contacted the office to arrange payment for school fees. 


If you would have any questions or would like to discuss a payment plan please contact Chelsea Bright, Manager of School Services.