Year 7

Rosie, Lailani, Luke, Ella, Kevin and Keira at VAHS

Year 7 Reflections


"A highlight of this term was when Casey, Keira, Ella and I went on a bike ride with Paddy and Keira hit a cliff/rock and fell and she also let go of her bike and it went rolling down a hill... but Paddy caught it. Also, Wellbeing Wednesday was really fun, I liked when we didn’t have to wear uniforms and we got to sleep in." Katelyn




"This term I have learned to be more grateful and to be more kind and caring towards people. In class I have learned how to draw on a possum pelt, global warming, sustainability, more about the olympians and the paralympics, being able to do maths a bit better and tree of life which is more about my family." Casey


"Something I am looking forward to in Term 4 is spending my last term with all of the MITS kids because next year I will be at a new school in a different boarding house surrounded by different people at school." Tilly



"A highlight of this term was mostly baking cookies, cupcakes and cakes with Serena or the funny sleepovers us girls had we played a big game of murder in the dark it was so awesome because we have never done it with all the girls before." Ella


"A challenge this term was trying to stay positive when Covid interfered with most of our fun plans this Term. Such as Swinburne animating, Snow trip, Lawyer learning and the Bangarra Performance. But with a little help and a positive attitude, I was able to beat it!" Tenielle


"The best thing about living at Lockington has been moving out at the end of the term to get a break from the boys and see what it's like to live in the Alumni boarding house." Rosie



"This term I am proud of coming to school every day still even though I broke my collarbone." Kevin


"The best thing about living at Lockington has been paying Uno with my friends on the weekend." Zach


"This term I am proud of making it through the term even though it was a hard one. I am also proud of getting the covid vaccine to encourage others in my community to get the vaccine and to protect me." Luke


"This term I have learned Division and different ways to solve it. I have also learned to have fun most of the time, and paraphrasing  with the 4 R's." Malakai


"Something I am looking forward to is going back home and spending time with my family and friends and going hunting with my brother and cousin in the holidays. Then in Term 4 finishing MITS and graduating." Clara


"This term I have learned how to figure out the area and perimeter of a triangle. It was hard at first but once Michael explained it to me a bit more I caught on to it and smashed it." Zayne



"A highlight of this term was when we were just sleeping in the lounge room for two awesome nights." Sonny


"Something I am looking forward to in Term 4 is Graduation, because we came a long way to get there." Lulu


"This term I have learned how to do division properly and now I find it kind of fun to do instead of getting angry at the work. I also learned that palm oil is bad for orangutans because we are cutting down trees and orangutans have nowhere else to go." Jyan



"This term I am proud of  myself and Lulu and Fleur for coming to Howard Springs for quarantine. We have been doing chalk on the footpath, online school work, playing UNO and we sit together every night for dinner." Alison