Profile Page

Casey Johnston Smith, Year 7, from Vanderlin Island (In Howard Springs #1)

Three words to describe me now:


Intelligent, respectful and cultural.


Three words to describe me in at the beginning of this year:

Quiet, kind and friendly.



Best memory from MITS so far:

My best memory at MITS was probably Camp Manyung and all the fun activities we did there like the giant swing, raft building and I reckon the best one was the tree tops!


Advice to future MITS students:

My advice to future MITS students would be never give up and just keep going because MITS has amazing opportunities and people.



Highlight of time in Melbourne so far:

My highlight in Melbourne this year would be going on bike rides with Paddy on the weekend because we get to see more of Melbourne’s landscape which is really beautiful.


Biggest challenge:

My biggest challenge would be having to do lockdown the whole of Term 3 and not being able to go out and do all the activities that we were meant to do.



Greatest achievement:

My greatest achievement would be coming back to Melbourne every term and not giving up once.


Anyone to thank and why:

A big thanks to all the teachers and staff at MITS because they have been so good to us kids and they have been so supportive to me. They are always so cheerful towards us kids!