Executive Director's Welcome

ABH Girls on a deck in Howard Springs Quarantine

I want to start this newsletter by acknowledging the extraordinary commitment of both our students and our staff through this term.  As we know, 2021 has continued to present challenges and frustrations for us all.  Our students have not been able to enjoy the true MITS experience: playing footy at Richmond Junior, school camp, trips to the snow, cheering the mighty Tigers at the MCG and so much more.



But when so much of the MITS experience is not possible, we see with great clarity that the pursuit of a great education sits at the heart of our students’ choice to come to Melbourne.  This year we have seen exceptionally strong academic growth from our students, testament to their strength and resilience.  This is made possible by their own commitment, but also that of our staff, many of whom completed another 14 days in Howard Springs with the students at the end of Term 3.



With a challenging but productive term behind us, the road map recently announced by the Victorian Government provides us with real reason for optimism.  From our first week back we can be going out in bigger groups, playing sports in parks, using skate parks and basketball courts and having picnics together.  We also know that by the end of term we will be able to have a Year 7 graduation with at least 150 people – true cause for celebration!  A life which looks much more “normal” is only a few weeks away.


We are excited for everything that Term 4 has to offer, and can’t wait to welcome our students and alumni back to Melbourne for the start of Term 4.


Edward Tudor

Executive Director