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This Week's Birthdays



Monday 3rd  -  Seth JPB, Antony SWS, Sienna SWS

Tuesday 4th  -  Connor JKF, Billie JLC, Mia SLD

Wednesday 5th  -  Ben PKS, Dishaan MMP, 

                                    Tahlia MSH, Harry SEC

Today  -  Mason JCF, Alex MBK

Sunday 9th  -  Joey PCF, Zoey JTC



Congratulations!  We hope you had or will have a wonderful day!   


Library News

Time to read a good book

I am not a big fan of eBooks; I prefer to hold a book in my hands not a device, however during these times it can be difficult to access some different books to read, either for yourself or your children.

This week I renewed my membership to Eastern Regional Libraries. This was really easy to do – just follow this link and fill in the form. I received my membership number by email within a few minutes and was able to go online and search the library data base. I found the easiest way to access the eBooks was to go to the App Store or Google Play and download the app ‘Libby by Overdrive’. 


Once I downloaded this app I entered my library, my library membership number and my PIN and I could then view all the eBooks available at Eastern Regional Libraries. If you enter the ‘Kids’  area the guide automatically uses a ‘juvenile’ filter. The thing to remember with this app is that the books will automatically return on their due date unless you renew your loan. Renewal is only possible if there are no reservations on the eBook.

When you open the Libby App and click on ‘Library’ then ‘Explore’, you can choose an area to look in. I chose ‘kids’. There are a few eBooks available there.

With your library membership you can also access ‘Story Box Library’ which has some wonderful titles read by different people in different languages. I highly recommend this area if you want someone else to do the reading.

There are also many educational areas available with your membership.

The Eastern Regional Libraries website does give you access to some resources without becoming a member. These include Storytime and Kids Activities. Just click on this link to go to the home page of Eastern Regional Libraries.

I have also just joined the Victorian State Library today and will go on and explore this site and get back to you about what is available. Remember that it is free to join our local library – you just need to live in the Maroondah area (if you live outside this area you may need to search up your local library) and it is also free to join the Victorian State Library – you just need to live in Victoria.

If you search up ‘Free eBooks for Children’ you get a heap of websites to visit. I find these hard to recommend as many contained adds, some were just free trials and some were just plain boring!

Allowing your child to read an eBook on a device that has internet access is not the same as your child reading a hardcopy of a book. Please remember that Cyber Safety has to be considered when allowing your child to read on a device.

Keep on reading!

Sue Offer  -  Library Technician

Remote LOTE - Congratulations on a Great Job!


Masked & Mysterious

Who's behind the mask?  See how many staff members you can identify, hint:  they're not all teachers - and check out some of the terrific mask designs our staff have found to make their lockdown colourful!