From our Assistant Principal 

A Gold Star for Everyone

We greatly appreciate the wonderful job our parents are doing at home during Remote Learning. 

Lockdown is hard and while we can’t click fingers and make it magically disappear, there are strategies that parents and children can use to not only survive, but thrive. There are simple ideas that can be started straight away.

Our school has registered so parents can join Dr Justin Coulson’s webinar for parents in Victoria titled ‘Lightening the Lockdown Load’, on Wednesday 19 August at 8pm. We will be providing you with a link so you can register your attendance. This will be sent out through Compass and on the school’s Facebook page. If you can’t attend on the night, then still register as the recording will be emailed to everybody who registers.

This webinar should help you to:

*  Feel reassured and with less stress

*  Have concrete strategies you can start immediately Work better with all family members  

 *  Be able to develop habits and practices that will help your children and you get your daily work done

I would also encourage you to read Julie Reid's Weekly Wellbeing page of this Newsletter, which, in addition to her usual helpful, inspiring and down-to-earth wisdom, this week contains a wealth of resources for thriving and surviving in Stage 4.

Carol Wyatt  -  Assistant Principal