Principal's Report 

From Christian's desk....

We’re back!

Following last Thursday’s news of a confirmed COVID-19 case in our school, and after a break of less than a week, we’re back to full Remote Learning operations! 

Thank you to our families, staff, DET and DHHS who collectively worked to maintain a sense of calm in the community which meant that the majority of our students were unaffected by the closure. 

Operational Adjustments in response to Stage 4 Restrictions

To support the State Government’s Stage 4 Restrictions the school has made the following adjustments to school operations:

  • The school will operate on skeleton staff for the remainder of the term.
  • Any call to the school will be handled remotely with a message passed on to the intended recipient with a ‘please call back message’. Alternatively, we encourage community members to directly email their contact with their own PCB message. The recipient will call back at their earliest convenience. Any urgent matters can be addressed directly to me on 0402 127 400.
  • We expect the number of onsite learners to be considerably less than this time last week. As such, all students are to enter and exit Gate 1 or the Front Administration entrance. Temperature checks will still be taking place. Onsite learning for those that cannot be cared for at home will take place in:
    • SLD for Senior students
    • SWS or MBW for Middle students (depending on attendance data)
    • PCF or JAW for Junior students (depending on attendance data)
    • PKS for Prep students.

NB: At some stage this week I will be receiving an updated DET School Operations Guide, which will provide greater clarity on specific processes relating to onsite attendance and authenticity of onsite learning requests. This includes a greater understanding of the State Government’s Worker Permit Scheme, the Childcare Permit (for OSHC) and clear guidelines around permitted students’ onsite attendance. In the meantime I trust that families with an adult at home, who does not have a Worker Permit or where the children have not been identified by the school as vulnerable, are keeping their children home.


Remote Learning 2.0 enhancements as a result of Stage 4 Restrictions

As shared on Compass earlier in the week, and as a result of the State Government’s aspiration to have minimal numbers of students at school, our staff have identified a need for increased accessibility to staff to support engagement in remote learning.

Currently each student is scheduled to receive a minimum four Google Meets per week. These sessions have specific learning intentions relative to each student or classes’ needs. 

To further enhance the support we are offering students and families we’re introducing more 'live' interactions via Google Meets. This will come in the form of ‘Live Classrooms’ and ‘Live Study Rooms’. These 'Rooms' will be open, beginning next week, 9:00am - 11:30am Monday – Thursday. The rooms are dedicated to students who cannot be supported through their learning by their families and will operate in a 'drop in and drop out' arrangement; as each family requires.

For more information on timetables and Google Meet codes please check your child’s Google Classroom.

Onsite Attendance for Remote Learning 10 - 14 August

Please use the link below to notify us of your child/ren’s onsite attendance next week, 10-14 August 2020:

A reminder, 

The Victorian Government has stated that all students who can learn from home must learn from home.

By completing this form you are declaring that your child needs to attend on-site schooling because they are not able to be supervised at home, OR, they have been deemed vulnerable by the school. 

By submitting this form, you declare that your child is well and you will collect your child as soon as is practicable upon the request of the school if your child becomes unwell. Please consider your child's onsite attendance accepted after you have completed the form. For any alterations please contact . For all Out of School Hours Care bookings please email or call 9724 4514.

Christian Holdsworth  -  Principal