Mr Steven Quinn

Junior Subschool Manager

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teachers conferences will be conducted on Tuesday 28th July from 12.00 pm until 7.00 pm. Online bookings are open for parents/guardians which will be held remotely due to COVID 19. Google Meet sessions will be made available via your child’s device, for you and your child to connect to teachers for the conferences. This will be a pupil free day. If you have any questions regarding the day or booking, please contact the College.


Home Group Challenge

Volleyball was the sport of choice for our Home Group Challenge last week and what an event it was. 7C had so many players turn up, that they fielded two teams one of which finished in first place, defeating 7F in the final. 7E came third defeating, 7C Team 2 in the bronze medal match. 8C was victorious in the Year 8 event.

Semester 1 Reflection

The first half of this year has been one that I am sure none of us will ever forget. For some of our students an additional obstacle to navigate in 2020 has been starting their Secondary School journeys as a Year 7 student. One such student has been kind enough to share her thoughts on the year that has been so far. 



Ava McMahon Jones - 7C


COVID 19, lockdown, remote learning 2020 has been a strange year. Oh, and I have just started Year 7, so this has been a SERIOUSLY strange year for me and other Year 7 students. Of course, earlier on in the year, we were just beginning to hear news of the new virus, COVID 19, and at the same time, I was transitioning from Primary School to Secondary School. 


The start of Secondary  School was really good. My teachers and peers were all really welcoming, and I was getting used to the routine, I had a lot of experiences, like attending the musical, Billy Elliot, and getting to help with the open night. 


So many things at North Geelong are so different to Primary School, like having a canteen, having homeroom in the Library, having a different teacher for nearly every subject and so many other things. Term 1 was an amazing start to Secondary School, and when we were all settling into things, Term 2 and remote learning hit us. There were many issues we needed to tackle during remote learning; internet issues, distractions, time-keeping, etc. I know I had issues because my younger sisters, who are 8 and 11, could be very loud when they wanted to be and if I was working after school, they would come in and distract me. 


Somehow, we got through remote learning, and here we are, Term 3, and back at school. Though this year has been very, very strange, and though it’s had its ups and it’s downs, in my opinion, there could really be no better way to start Secondary School. It’s prepared me for pretty much anything else this year throws at us. It’s been an amazing experience, and you could say anything about this year, but it has definitely not been too boring.