Across the Principal's Desk

Welcome back to everyone for the start of the second half of our school year. We finished off our last term well with exams being completed over the final couple of weeks and a sausage sizzle followed by a disco in the afternoon of the last day. Thanks to the SRC and Mrs. Powlett for organising the BBQ and handing out the sausages to the hungry students at lunchtime and then for providing the entertainment and socialising at the Disco in the Drama Centre for the last period of the day – a great way to finish the term with student led initiatives and some fun at the end of the semester. Mr. Hooper’s rendition of ‘the worm’ on stage was a bit of a highlight and a brief but solid exhibit of dance talent.


Our Deb Ball was a feature event to finish off the semester on the last Friday night of term. Sixteen couples were presented on the evening, in spectacular fashion. The students put the effort into the dance training and it certainly paid off on the night, as they moved around the hall with confidence in each of the routines. It was terrific to see the couples enjoying themselves once they moved past the initial nerves of getting down the steps and to the opposite end of the hall. Once again, the evening was very well supported by family, friends and students of all ages, creating a brilliant atmosphere in the hall for the evening. We welcomed students from younger years, as well as students from past years, dressed up and enjoying the night. The hall was packed to capacity and it was a really nice mix of formal, social and sense of community. Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves in a friendly and connected way. 


Thanks to the staff who were able to be there on the night to help with proceedings and support our students. A special thank you to Ms. Kerr for all of the extra work she put into organising the students from the school side of things and for her work as compere on the night – she did a terrific job! Thanks also to all of the students for the effort they put into the night and the way in which they conducted themselves – exemplary! An enormous thank you to Angela Gerrard who leads our Parents and Friends’ Association. It really is a massive amount of work to organise and run the evening. The PFA did a wonderful job to produce such a successful evening to benefit our students and the local community – many, many hours of work that are greatly appreciated!