What's Happening at CHPS 

And just like that, we're back!

Seeing the happy, smiley faces of students as they entered back into the classroom over the last few weeks has been truly heart-warming. Students have clearly missed their friends, teachers and their learning. Although Home Learning was a different and tough time for some, it was only a bump in the road which we can use as a building block to making our students stronger and more resilient, with many positives from our home learning period worth celebrating.

Take a look at how classes from across the school have reflected on their home learning experiences.



Visual Arts News

As part of the "NGV Kids" program, the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) are hosting a series of free online programs for primary school-aged students. The "Art Club" sessions are delivered online via Webex and will introduce young students to artists and designers. In these artist-led activities, students will explore the playful side of making Art.

The first Art Club session will be held on Tuesday 16th June, from 4pm-4.45pm, featuring Melbourne artist and designer Alice Oehr. She is well known for her colourful drawings and collages. Oehr's theme for this activity will be "nature".

If you want to know more details about how to sign on for this event, please go to:


More from the CHPS Art Gallery!

Madii and Danika are asking all students to upload their artworks to Google Drive:  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1RFkyPWg4rUj0WxpsqJrHV3x8vp595dOV?usp=sharing

This week, Danika has put together a new Art Gallery collection - well done everyone!



Take a look next week for more beautiful artworks.

Tina Fiorentino  -  Visual Arts


Library Update

How wonderful it is to see and hear our students back at school. It just hasn’t been the same without them all here. 

Returning Library Books

Due to our strange times we have a lot of overdue library books. I will be sending home reminders next week.  These reminders really are friendly and are in no way meant to upset anyone.  Many students will not even remember what books they had out back at the end of Term 1 and these notices are to remind students what titles they are looking for. It would be appreciated if these books could be returned as soon as possible. 

Book Fair

At this stage our Book Fair, that we had to postpone this term, has been tentatively booked for next term.  We will have to wait to see whether social distancing restrictions change enough for us to hold it.  Watch this space.

Scholastic Book Club

We usually send home Scholastic brochures at the beginning of Term 3 and at this stage that will still happen.

Sue Offer  -  Library Technician