QI Network - Europe

European Quality Improvement Network

Due to the success of our global Quality Improvement (QI) Network, ISQua are now planning to expand and regionalise this initiative.


We want to partner with European institutions who are committed to improving quality and safety in healthcare, to create a pan-European QI Membership Network.


The aim of these networks is to allow the free exchange of ideas and develop partnerships to accelerate positive change.


QI Network members meet on a regular basis to share key lessons from their experiences in implementing and developing quality improvement projects in their own organisations. The format of meetings is specifically designed to maximise the opportunity for sharing and learning, as well as valuable networking opportunities.


As well as the meetings, QI Network  Members also benefit from ISQua conference registration places, ISQua Fellowship places (for themselves or their colleagues) and a specific number of expert advice days.


To learn more about this opportunity, please contact ccurran@isqua.org by Friday 6th July.


To find out more about our existing QI Network, please visit our website: