Specialist Program

Food Technology – Jane Stacey

Here are some pictures of the fun cooking the Upper Primary students are doing in Food Technology. We certainly have been getting our hands dirty! We have made some tasty, healthy snacks throughout the term – berry muffins, dip and vege sticks, healthy pancakes, cocoa bliss balls, fresh fruit salad and homemade granola with yoghurt. The last two weeks of term we made healthy lunches – a salad sandwich and felafel wrap. These students have worked so well this term and with weekly, consistent food preparation their skills have improved greatly. I look forward to cooking more delicious foods next term where experiment with bush foods and old fashioned cooking.


Physical Education

This term our focus in Upper Primary has been the Australian Fitness Education Awards. These tests work on a range of different fitness tests such as the beep test, which tests the students fitness level and the sit and reach test which tests students’ flexibility. The students participate in these tests each year where their results are recorded. The students enjoy the challenge of trying to improve on their scores each year. Towards the end of the term the focus turned to Soccer. We worked on basic skills and moved into circuits and minor games where the students could use their skills they had learnt throughout the term.

Visual Arts- Vera Mitchell

Upper Primary students participate in a single visual art lesson per week.  In the visual art program, students will develop and extend existing technical skills in drawing, painting, cutting, pasting, modelling, construction and media.  


In term three we explored Artist Gustav Klimt. Gustav Klimt’s work can been seen today all over the world in a variety of mediums that also include jewellery. The one piece that people might recognise today is ‘The Tree of Life’. We looked at his paintings and techniques as well as styles through videos and web sites. We used beautiful pearl water colour paints, gold leafing, metallic paint and paper in our compositions. The student produced some beautiful work. I look forward to next term when we start a new artist.



Jane Stacey

Acting Specialist Team Leader