One Girl Ambassador Program

by Immy Martin 7M2

All about and our mission to change the world!


More than 130 million girls around the world are denied and education, there are many things that will prevent a girl being educated. But when it comes down to it, the truth is that millions of girls are denied an education, simply because they were born a girl. When a girl turns 12 and lives in POVERTY her future is out of her control. In the eyes of many SHE IS A WOMEN NOW and she faces the risk of being MARRIED by 14 and PREGNANT by 15, then if she SURVIVES child birth she might have to SELL her body to support her family which puts her at high RISK of contracting and spreading HIV. 

Not the life you imagined for a 12-year-old. Right? 

But education change EVERYTHING, when you educate a girl, her income will increase by 10-25% for EVERY YEAR she stays in school. She’ll get married WHEN and with WHO she chooses to, be able to think for herself, have control over her own income and break the cycle of poverty. The power of education is immediate and long-lasting change! Here at One girl we not only raise awareness and money for girl to have an education we also provide sanitary products and advocate for sexual health rights. Last year, One Girl helped 156 student complete vocational training in Uganda, 51 new One Girl scholars came on board, 92 One Girl scholars graduated high school and 298 scholars are studying in sierra Leone! Just $25 could supply a girl with a years’ worth of sanitary products, $50 could provide 5 pairs of school shoes for One Girl scholars, $100 could provide a years’ worth of business training for a young women and $300 could give access to all education for a girl for an ENTIRE year! This years onegirl youth ambassadors have managed to raise over $73,000!  Lets change the world one girl at a time! 


Please support me and my fellow MGC onegirl ambassadors at one girl by donating to our pages (linked below) 


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This year, coming into year 7 at a school filled with so many great learning opportunities, I knew I wanted to take as many experiences as possible. When the email came out from Ms Tudor about coming a One Girl Ambassador which a representative from a charity passionate about girls' education, someone who raises funds and awareness. After receiving this email, I knew that I had to apply, because I wanted to learn more about girls in education and how it affects everyone across the world.  I put in a short application and waited nervously for the results! I got in along with my friend Immy Martin. I was so excited, knowing that I could make change in a world full of inequality and injustices. We had to do course, and an online meeting every week, but we had complete freedom over how we fundraised. So far, I have raised $2,232, but I hasn’t been easy. Having conversations with my friends and family, walking in my school dress, baking for hours on end and spending weeks working on a takeover. But is has been very worth it. Every night I go to bed knowing that one more girl might stay in school because I have provided with sanitary products or school shoes, or that one girl who was the first in her family gets paid an education for an entire year! This opportunity has been a leadership and learning opportunity that will stay with me for a long time, giving something that I am so privileged to have back to the girls that are doing it tough, but they deserve it just as much as anyone else.  
-- Lily Bartram 7M1