Visual Arts and                Performing Arts:


The next Picasso? The next Matisse? The next Munch? Speaking of Munch, I'm starving and must eat.

This fortnight in the Art Room, we’ve had an amended program due to Camp and illness so I ran some different lessons.

The main focus of the fortnight was the book, Friends, by Mies Van Hout. Its illustrations use the different oil pastel techniques we have been working on so it was the perfect accompaniment.

We have been learning to use the side of the pastel, using a ‘pincer’ grip to hold the pastel. We made so many types of lines – thick, thin, straight, curvey, wavy, bumpy, zig-zag, loop the loop, bunny hops. We also made marks by rolling, tapping, smudging, fanning, dotting and twisting. We put these techniques together to create our ‘Friends’.

Here’s a selection of pieces from Rocco, Denise, Serena and Adelyn from 2/3.