Years 4,5,6


Josh, Jai and Oliver display the Newlands School uniform in the latest Target catalogue.


Camp was very successful and students, as well as, teachers gained so much from the experience. 

The water was definitely a talking point, however, we are pleased to report all students kept hydrated. 

Between flying high and challenging themselves students demonstrated so many of our Values and Key Stones.

Photos on SeeSaw for your enjoyment.

State School Spectacular Rehearsals

On Tuesday, Senorita Laura and Martin took eighteen students from Grades 4,5 and 6 to Greensborough High School for the first rehearsal of this year's State School Spectacular, to be held in September. 

Lots of sweat, lots of water bottles and many twerks later, here is a compilation of some of the many dances that were rehearsed...


Interschool Sports/Deporte Interescolar 

Round/ Practice Week/Date    V’s Venue  
Organise Teams 

Wk 2 

Fri 7th Feb 

Selection of teams and sportsIn School  

WK 3 

Fri 14th Feb 

Newlands V’s AIA (TBC)Home Game @ Newlands CANCELLED 

WK 4 

Fri 21st Feb 

Newlands V’s Coburg Home Game @ Newlands (Cancelled due to weather) 

WK 5 

Fri 28th Feb 

Camp Week No Sport NO GAME 

WK 6 

Fri 6th March 

Teacher Only DayNO GAME 

WK 7 

Fri 13th March 

St Fidelis V’s Newlands 

Bus to  

St Fidelis 



WK 8 

20th March 

St Bernards V’s Newlands 

Bus to  

St Bernards 


WK 9 


Newlands V’s PVS In School 

Meet and Greet/Conocer a los profesores

It was great to see so many parents attending our Term 1 parent 'Meet and Greet'. 

If you were unable to attend there will be another opportunity when we have parent/teacher interviews later in the year.  

A reminder you can see all your child's amazing achievements at school through SeeSaw. Students independent learning goals can also be found on SeeSaw. 

Keystones Learner Matrix

It was marvelous to show parents at the Meet and Greet our KeyStones Learner Matrix.

You'll find on SeeSaw evidence of your child demonstrating our keystone.


The Builders Model 

The Builders is a rotational model that provides the students the opportunity to explore a range of applied learning activities in both Mathematics and Literacy. During the Builders, students work collaboratively and independently, focusing on whole group learning goals and their own independent learning goals. Students independent learning goals can be found on SeeSaw. 



SeeSaw & Sentral

It is wonderful to see so many of you engaged on SeeSaw and following your child's Learning Journey. Most families are connected to SeeSaw. Wonderful to see the comments you have made about your child's work. The students really enjoy reading the comments you leave.

The Learner Profiles will continue to grown as the year goes on. 

You will notice that at times we post your child's assessments and possibly a note with next steps. 


Sentral is up and running and you would have had a letter for you to login. 

Reminder that the following needs to go through Sentral:

- Receive daily notices

- Responding to past absences

- Advise of future absences

- Amending family details

- Communication to homeroom teacher 

- Permissions for Excursions 

- Receiving student reports

- Booking Parent/Teacher interviews

- Accessing school documents and policie

Newlands Latin Fiesta

Save the date: 20th of March from 4 pm at Newlands we will be celebrating all things SPANISH. More details to come in upcoming newsletters.