From the Principal 

Matt Dowell


What a fantastic day Friday was! There was an amazing atmosphere across the College, our students absolutely turned it on and were great representatives of the College and themselves, we had a lot of prospective students and students who are already enrolled for 2023 attend on the day and there were a large number of current parents and families who came along also which was great.


The feedback I received throughout the day was immensely positive. The area displays stepped up a notch this year for sure and each area was buzzing with plenty of interest and activity. We also had great attendance from industry, education institutions and prospective employers which provided our students an opportunity to form networks and support their transition. I am aware of one instance where one of our Year 12's was offered an apprenticeship on the spot following a brief introduction! Thank you to our staff, students and broader school community for their efforts and support on the day.


WA Training Awards - Finalist

This Wednesday we are heading off to the 2022 Department of Training and Workforce Development (DTWD) Training Awards where we are a finalist for the ‘WA Small Training Provider of the Year’ category. I must commend all of the staff who have both formerly and currently work in our VET space as this acknowledgment reinforces just how unique and amazing our training opportunities are here at the College. I think at times we become complacent and forget just how amazing our programs and facilities are (we have a 10,000 acre commercial farm and fully equipped Trade Training Centre!), how passionate, dedicated and skilled our staff are and how engaged our students are which is represented in their exceptional achievements year in year out. Fingers crossed we take out the gong!



2023 Student Council

Congratulations to the 2023 Student Council who were announced at Friday’s Open Day. This year we had 34 Year 11 students nominate for the 2023 Student Council! This level of interest clearly indicates how connected and committed our students are to our College and were brave enough to put up their hand and show their commitment to making our College an even better place. From here, the elected Student Councillor’s have the opportunity (should they choose) to self-nominate for one of the two Head Student positions. Nominees will undergo an interview process with myself, the Associate Principal, Head of Residence and the Wellbeing Coordinator and be selected via that process. The Head Students will be announced at the Year 11 End of Year Ceremony on their last day of Term (Friday Week 7, Term 4).


Student Expectations

Following the break there is a requirement for our Year 12 ATAR and Certificate III students to return to the College. General students who have not been signed off are also required to return and complete any outstanding course work. 


In addition, our Year 12's have been reminded about appropriate behaviour and conduct required for the last week of term. 'Muck up' activities that breach College Guidelines will be taken seriously and major breaches may result in students not being eligible to attend the Valedictory Ceremony. I ask that all students end their time with us on a positive note, which would be a true reflection of what has been a great year all round.


All Year 11's are required to return immediately following their holiday break and will wind up the term on Friday of Week 7 (25 November). Our students have a heavy course load which requires them to attend every day to keep up with the workload and meet the minimum hours required for their Certificate Qualifications. Students are encouraged to work during harvest after the 25th November and I ask parents to please ensure you send your child to school for the duration of the 7 weeks next term as a priority.


2023 Enrolments

We are in the process of communicating our Round 3 offers for next years' intake. I ask that any current Year 11's who do not intend on returning inform me as soon as possible in order to provide an opportunity for students currently on the wait list to enrol.


Thank You

Finally, I’d like to acknowledge our passionate and committed staff here at the College for what has been a huge term all round. COVID still continues to make it difficult for us to source casual replacement staff so our staff across all areas have needed to fill gaps and go over and above this Term once again. We had Dowerin, the Ball and Country Week all running consecutively which was a challenge to navigate, however as always, our staff rolled with it and made it work. Thankfully Country Week will return to its usual time next year, Week 10 Term 2.


Wishing you all a great holiday break and a successful start to harvest.