P to the E with Leigh

Physical Education  

Wow what a term.  Staying active has become an important part of the children’s health and wellbeing.  The challenge for children has of course been around playing socially. Checking in and spending time together has become important. Riding a bike, running, fitness challenges have all become important in this period of isolation. 

The children have across the school started to interact with online learning. I have been impressed with how quickly the children have engaged with the technology, using videos, pictures and drawings. 

Physical Education this term is about learning new ways to present your work and support your family and friends as we all work together in staying healthy and active! 

My focus will be around presenting challenging activities that can be used and played in your house with your children or completing activities that can be organised by the children to complete. 

Enjoy everyone and I look forward to seeing everyone very soon. 

The picture below is one student’s work on what they know about targeting. Very clever design. 

Email: Collins.leigh.d@edumail.vic.gov.au