Year 5/6—Celebrating Learning

5/6 - James

Kii TPS,

Trying to bring some touches of the classroom home but it's very different.  Hope you're finding the positives in this crazy time like no wet day timetables ... and being able to read heaps!!

Stay active and can't wait to see you all back, in person, on the other side


5/6 - Darren

Kii everyone!!

Hope you are enjoying getting to learn everyday in your pyjamas! I miss getting to see Eddie all the time but I have enjoyed being able to read more comics during my brain breaks and after learning time in the afternoons and evenings.

Can’t wait to see you all back at TPS soon!


5/6 - Jess

Kii everyone,

I hope you're all enjoying on-line learning as much as possible.  I know it's strange and sometimes difficult but it won't last loo long.  Can't wait to see all of your smiling faces!


5/6 - Simon

Kii, everybody. 

Hope you’re well and enjoying the Google Classroom activities. I’m missing being creative with you at school. I look forward to seeing you and hearing your beautiful singing voices again.  Keep up the good work. Stay active.