Foundation–Celebrating Learning

Foundation Steiner

Foundation S have dived head first into the online Seesaw swimming pool and I couldn’t be prouder!

Students have been completing activities, photographing and video recording their work and posting it on seesaw for me to see! 

We have begun learning the alphabet and focusing on numbers. I am very impressed with all I am seeing on Seesaw. 

Thank You so much parents and children for your open hearted participation! 

Parents you are doing a wonderful job! 

I look forward to seeing more!


Foundation Mainstream

It's been wonderful to get to know even more about our Deadly students through the Seesaw app. Thank you to all the Foundation families for their creativity, positivity and flexibility with this new way of learning.  We have been very busy working at home on the letters S, M, And F as well as the short vowel sounds. We've been measuring things and working out if they are longer, shorter, bigger and smaller than something. We've been writing about things we love and sounding out words using out letter sound knowledge. We've also been watching the weather change and thinking about the world outside our house.