T.I.M.E (Music)

Specialists at Home


The specialists have been trying to have fun while on the phone together. We have missed you all through this time and can’t wait to see you again. In the meantime we have been swinging past the buffet (our fridge), going to the botanical gardens (our backyards) and reading some good books! 

Hope you are all well 

- The Specialists (Terri, Antoinette, Leigh and Eddie)

Performing Arts

Term 2


Being Characters from Stories


Lots of students have begun to act around their homes as their favourite characters from books, told stories, movies, tv shows and of their own make.


Some have drawn beautiful pictures of themselves as the characters, have dressed up as their characters, some have written about them, and some have even made full on plays.


So proud to see students giving it a go at home. We will continue to focus on characters and other elements of drama, until the end of the term when we can act out a provided story using all of the elements we have learnt. Here are some of the characters students are being.