For our students.... 

This Week's Birthdays



Monday 24th  -  Chelsea MJB

Tuesday 25th  -  Jai JKB

Wednesday 26th  -  Harper SKF

Today  -  Emmy JKB, Ryder SLD

Tomorrow  -  Lucas MMP

Saturday 29th  -  Abbie PCF, Alma SRT

Sunday 30th  -  Khai MLS



Congratulations!  We hope you had or will have a wonderful day!   


All the World's a Stage

Hello CHPS families,

Well done, we are past the half way point of Remote Learning!  Here are some of the fabulous things our students have been doing in Performing Arts.


Our Prep students have been working on a drama unit, recreating the Three Little Pigs in a puppet show. The students made the puppets themselves, some of them using a template and others being creative with the materials they have at home and drawing their puppets. 



Our junior students have been working on recognising and playing beat and rhythm on household objects.



Our Middles students have been making recycled instruments and writing rhythms with them.



Our senior students have been writing and producing raps about famous composers, such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and modern composers, such as Duke Ellington.

Head to our Facebook page for videos of their great work!


Brodie Douma-King  -  Performing Arts