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A Successful Virtual August Meeting

School Council (SC) Meeting Report – August 2020

  • SC members acknowledged and shared their collective appreciation of the ongoing work that all outstanding CHPS staff are doing (classroom and specialist teachers, integration aides, OHSC members, office staff, wellbeing officers and the Principal team). The ongoing enhancements to Remote Learning are really appreciated as schooling this term has ended up being entirely off-site for most families. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!
  • Bree, Leigh, Liam and Jordan also expressed their thanks to every parent in the community for assisting with remote learning again this term and for being so supportive during these challenging times. 
  • Christian’s Principal Report referred to the ever-changing and evolving environment that we are living in this year and how CHPS staff have continued to prioritise the following:
    • excellence in teaching and learning throughout the period of Remote Learning 2.0; 
    • student/family/staff wellbeing 
  • Christian also outlined how invaluable the support from CHAPS has been this year, including the support of Nikky Edwards, who continues to communicate pertinent updates via the CHAPS FaceBook page, linking the school with the school community during lockdown and the school closure. 
  • The Executive Officer from Parents Victoria, Gail McHardy, also sent an email to myself, Christian, Carol, CHAPS and MOTHS, congratulating everyone for their leadership and commitment to school community connectedness throughout Term 2. 
  • SC reviewed and passed the 2019 Annual Report. This can be viewed on the CHPS website. 
  • The recent finance monthly reports were reviewed and passed. 

Thanks to the parents, teachers and additional school staff who volunteer their time to participate in SC meetings and sub committee meetings. 

Our next meeting is on September 16th and is most likely to be a virtual meeting. If you would like to attend as a guest from the comfort of your own home, or if you would be interested in joining one of the sub committees, please email either myself ( or Christian (


Sian Jamison  –  School Council President