Community News

Community News

Merri Health Covid-19 Update

The Community Wellbeing team at Merri Health are conducting semi-structured phone interviews with children, young people and adults in the community. We want to understand how the COVID-19 outbreak has impacted our community and what type of support the community needs. 


If you, or families or children in your school community would like to take part in an interview, you can email or call 1300 637 744 and ask to speak to the COVID-19 team members for consultation. The interview may be up to 45 mins -an hour and participants will be reimbursed with $25 gift voucher for their time.


Headspace Glenroy- Tips for a healthy headspace


Headspace Glenroy have developed a resource on the importance of keeping a healthy headspace, strategies to boost and maintain good mental health and wellbeing and how to cope with life’s changes and challenges. The worksheet has been attached.