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Hi it is the sustainability team back with some more amazing and fun ideas that you can do at home.

We have added a  new page on our website called backyard fun that has a whole lot of great ideas that will get you out and about in your backyard, check out the link below.


We would love to hear about your backyard fun and all your great ideas so email us (ada at - hor0006@morelandps.vic.edu.au and tobias at - con0001@morelandps.vic.edu.au ) 

Thats all from us this week, have fun in your back yard!



So many of us made some fantastic artwork during our time away from school. Finnegan from Year 6 made a whole bunch of amazing animal drawings while he was at home. Here are just two of Finn’s drawings. 


If you are proud of something that you made during remote learning, please send me an email with a photo of the artwork so that I can share your art with the whole school! 



Here are a few things the Preps have been doing in the past fortnight:



We have continued looking at sight words throughout reading and writing and have played fun games like sight word bingo and memory. The Preps have also been working on their ability to retell the beginning, middle and end of a story, as well as draw pictures to match each event. We are excited to start looking at non-fiction texts next term, when we explore information texts in reading!



The Preps have been working hard to extend their understanding of numbers up to and beyond 20 by exploring how many tens and ones make up a 2-digit number. We have played lots of hands on games using concrete materials to show and explain this. Coming up next term, we will be learning about addition and subtraction strategies, as well as 3D shapes and the days of the week. 


Integrated Curriculum

It has been fantastic listening to the Preps present their special item to the class for our ‘My Family’ unit. The students have shared their item, explaining what it is and why it’s important. They have also enjoyed answering their friend’s questions and learning more about each other. Thank you to all families for taking the time to send their child’s teacher your photos!



  • Home readers – these have been taken home with students this week. If you haven’t already purchased a home reading bag for your child, please do so. Also please try to remember to send your child’s reading bag with them to school every day so that they can change their books.

Have a happy and safe holiday everyone!! We hope you get the opportunity to relax and have fun. We will see you all for the start of Term 3.


The Prep team



Over the last two weeks, busy 1/2 students have weaved spider webs and coded the robotic Bee Bots!  By collaborating during their Maths lessons they were able to write a code so the Bee Bots could go from the flowers to the hive but avoid the spider webs!



Elsie's The Legend Behind Cornflakes


Miles' The Man of Mercedes




Week 10

The grade 5/6 students seamlessly settled into face to face learning after an unprecedented stint of 8 weeks of remote learning. Although school doesn’t look quite the same as it did before our break, all students are extremely happy to be back. In fact this week they have been asked to write about the benefits of face to face learning compared to remote learning. We eagerly await their responses.


Our reading focus this week has been all about learning how to synthesis texts. Enjoy reading some of the great work our students have completed.