Student Well-being

Spotlight: Year 3/4 Community

Focus: Empathy and kindness


In Year 3/4, students have been learning about the word empathy. We discussed the importance of noticing how people feel and what facial expressions and body language to look for.  


We thought about how people might feel in different situations, including:


-When mum or dad gets home after a long day of work and notices a huge pile of dishes

-When a teacher isn't their usual happy and bubbly self

-When a student gets teased for not being allowed to play Roblox


We discovered the importance of asking people 'Are you okay?'


Here are some of the stories we looked at that have the theme of empathy and kindness.




Born to Shine

Focus: Born to Shine Wellbeing Program


It has been an extremely crazy year for everyone, therefore we have decided that it’s the perfect time to implement an extra Wellbeing support program for students, that we have called Born to Shine.


In Terms 3 and 4, I will be running the Born to Shine program every Friday for students in Years Prep-4. These sessions will run for 30 minutes, with small groups of students with similar needs. The sessions will promote: pro-social behaviour, positive self-esteem, social skills, problem-solving skills and assertiveness.


I have sent home a Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire form for parents to fill out about your child's behaviour at home. Please return it to school by Friday 19th June. Our teachers will also complete the same form for all of their students so that we can correlate data and select our students to take part in this program.


Haylea Anderson

Student Wellbeing Leader