Virtual Dance Concert


2020 has thrown many challenges at all of us, in a variety of different ways. Learning any subject from home proved difficult for students everywhere, and when that subject required large space, teamwork and movement, it became that much harder!


The dance students have managed to maintain their high level of enthusiasm and engagement with the program during 2020, and that is highly commendable. 


Throughout Term 4, the dancers have re-united in the studio, and have enjoyed working together once again! As concerts and the like have been off limits for a while now, we decided that the group work the students have managed to achieve this year, is deserving of celebration. 


The virtual dance concert video will be posted to the Compass newsfeed in the last 2 weeks of school. We invite you to watch and enjoy the show from the comforts of your own home, at a time that is convenient to you! 


Please enjoy these photos of the dancers in action on their filming day! Stay tuned!


Louisa D'Ortenzio

Dance Teacher