Farewell Year 12

Class of 2020

Last Day for Year 12, 2020


The Year 12 last week certainly was a different event this year, but nevertheless students signed the traditional year 12 mural. Students proudly signed their name to a mural that will become a part of the College’s version of the Year 12 Wall of Fame. In addition, students enjoyed posing for photos with their peers and classroom teachers. 


 With varying emotions of excitement and tears the Year 12’s walked to their final assembly reflecting on some of the joyful memories of their time at Taylors Lakes Secondary. Their were numerous reflective comments from the Year 12 Level Leaders, Sub School Leader, Assistant Principal and College Captains. Students reflected on the year with snapshots of the year that was. As the assembly came to an end; students left the College with a mixture of tears and laughter and with a parting gift from the Year 12 Team.



Year 12 2020 Banner






Signing of Old Uniform

The traditional signing of their uniquely personalized uniforms took place in a co-vid safe manner;  with uniform laid in the outline of the year that was 2020!



Year 12 Lunch

On the final day, students attended their last Year 12 classes before enjoying a luncheon with their peers and teachers. 


Year 12's Masked !

A special thanks to all teachers who assisted in the planning and assistance throughout the week, in particular Ms Damon, Ms Tsatalios, Ms Watkins, Ms Sioukas, Mr Findlay, Mr Hudson and Mr. Dedes and all the teachers and ES Staff who supervised students on their final day. We thank you for making this last week a memorable one for all.


Antoniette Massarotto, Joe Laganga & 

Melissa Tarquinio

Year 12 Senior Sub School