Religious Education 

Trinity Catholic School Prayer

Thankyou for this new day. 

Let us start it with hope and joy. 

May the lessons we learnt yesterday 

help us to make good choices today. 

May we continue to treat each 

other with care and respect. 

As we follow in the footsteps of St Ignatius, 

may we find God in all things. 

We give thanks for this wonderful world.


In Religion this week, 5/6JC have been looking closely at prayer. As a class we have read our school Trinity Prayer and other daily prayers like the Our Father and found the meaning or message behind the words. Looking at significant and meaningful terminology, the students then wrote their own prayer for the classroom prayer book that will be shared throughout the year. Most students wrote a prayer of thanks however we also talked about prayers of forgiveness or repentance and prayers for family, friends or the world. Here is some of their reflective work: