Wellbeing @Trinity

Antonella Tsakmakis

Student Leaders

Presentation of our School Leaders will happen at our Monday Morning Gathering, a full list of names will be published in next week's newsletter. 


Congratulations to our SEL(Social Emotional learning) nominations from last week. 

P/1TD - Alina

P/1SG - Matias

P/1AN - Charlie

2/3UR - Vihaan

2/3CW - Dylan

4/5TR - Ryan

4/5FA - Bosco

5/6MG - Estelle & Oscar

Congratulations to the following students who received the Specialist Awards this week

Visual Art - Deng (MG) & Rida (JC)

Sport - Patrick (UR)

Mandarin - Amy (JC)


Congratulations - Ha (AN) who was awarded the IGNATIAN Award this week for her help in Welcoming our new prep students.