Principal's News


There have been no significant changes to our COVID Safe practices and we continue to implement the use of facemasks indoors when social distancing is not possible, particularly when visiting the office. 

At this time we will not be able to have parents attending our Friday assemblies, however, we encourage all parents who are able, to stay for our Monday outdoor gatherings at 8:50am. This Monday our Student Leaders will be announced.


Dear Parents/Friends,

It has been a wonderful week at Trinity and our children are becoming very settled into their classroom routines. I am already seeing some serious learning taking place from Prep to Year 6.  I believe we are very lucky here to have such enthusiastic, committed and talented teachers who are able to provide excellent learning opportunities for their students.  At our planning sessions each week teachers are not only deciding on important curriculum matters but also discussing each child, their wellbeing and how to best cater for their needs. 

Parent and teacher Chats

The parent teacher chats taking place this evening will give our teachers further knowledge about the children in their classes from the parents perspective. We hope that all parents find this opportunity beneficial as we believe it is a very important part of the partnership we wish to develop with you. 

2022 Enrolments

We have already begun the important process of looking towards our 2022 enrolments for Prep and for other year levels.  A key part of this is establishing the number of our current families who will be enrolling a little brother or sister into Prep next year. If you have not already contacted the office and registered your intentions please let us know so that we can provide you with the necessary information. 

Of course our current families are our best form of advertising so I encourage you all to tell family, friends and neighbours about Trinity Primary School which we know is an excellent choice for each child's education.  


Kinder Visits

On Wednesday Ms Foley and I attended a number of Kindergartens in our local area to continue to build the important relationships we have with these organisations. It is very pleasing to hear the great reputation our school has and to know that the staff at our Kinders are so willing to recommend our school to their families. We will continue these visits throughout first term and explore learning opportunities for our senior students as  this is another important relationship we wish to develop. 

Science lessons

I am sure we are all aware of the importance of Science and science learning for our children. Not only does it give them important understandings about our world but we hope it also gives our children a good basis for when they move into secondary school. I am sure Ms Foley's lessons will be enjoyable and challenging for our children. We can look forward to a full report in the coming weeks. 

Our Young Scientists at work below.


Safety at Pick up and Drop off


It is lovely to greet families each morning at out Kent Street entrance and see so many smiling faces arriving at school. Of course our children's safety is very important to us and with cars, pedestrians, bikes and scooters all coming together it is important that we all are aware of each other, particularly cars dropping off children.  Please avoid overtaking on Kent Street or blocking other cars as this can create dangerous situations. 


Thank you to all parents ensuring children are wearing correct uniform each day as we believe it is important for our children to develop a pride in their school uniform and to wear it correctly. 


Burgundy check dressGrey shorts
Burgundy bomber jacketBurgundy polo top
White socksBurgundy bomber jacket
Burgundy hat with brimGrey socks
Black shoesBurgundy hat with brim
 Black shoes


Grey skirt (microfibre)Grey Shorts (microfibre)
Burgundy polo topBurgundy polo top
White socksWhite socks
Burgundy hat with brimBurgundy hat with brim

Kind Regards

Mr Nigel Rodrigues