Principal's Report

From Christian's desk....

2021 Enrolments

We are now accepting student enrolments and enrolment enquiries for 2021.

Current families with siblings are asked to complete an enrolment form and email it to our Enrolments Officer, Robyn Miller at as soon as practical.

You may have noticed that our talented team have produced two videos to promote our school in the absence of school tours this term. If you are a Facebook user we invite you to visit our page and share them. Alternatively, they can be found on YouTube:

Further to this, our school is widely acknowledged as a school of choice in the area. As a result we receive more enrolment requests that we have provision for. We accept students on a priority order of placement. To support this process we invite you all to promote to the broader community the importance of submitting enrolment forms in a timely manner.

For more on enrolment at Croydon Hills Primary School visit


Project Based Learning Day – Thursday 7th May

To complement our Remote Learning Program we’re introducing a fortnightly Project Based Learning Day. These days will offer children an opportunity to work for a day on a fun and engaging project. The days will be hosted by the Principal Team with the demonstration video posted on the learning level pages of our Remote Learning website.  

We expect the day will be a great opportunity for children, families and staff to step away from the regular routine and extended screen time, and take the pressure off! Some families may choose not to engage in the day and that’s ok! Other families may choose to catch up on some of the learning from other days, that’s ok too!

This Thursday’s challenge will be ‘Create your own Board Game’! Here’s a sneak peak of the example I’ll be giving…



Remote-Learning, now the new norm at Croydon Hills Primary School! It seems our school community has settled into the Victorian government’s Remote-Learning wonderfully well. Students and families have been accessing our Remote Learning website and Google Meets with relative ease. Moreover, they have been well supported through learning engagements by staff and families. Well done everyone!


On-Site Supervision

A reminder: families who require on-site supervision to complete remote learning must complete the On-Site Attendance Request Form weekly. This provision is only for children who are not able to be supervised at home and no other arrangements can be made.

Remote Learning Feedback and Protocols

This morning, on Compass, Assistant Principal Amy Prior posted a valuable school resource for families that clearly outlines the roles, responsibilities and expectations of each of our community members. This document has been developed as we have all found our feet and adjusted to remote learning. I encourage families to read it together.

School Council

School Council will progress as scheduled on May 20, at 7:30pm, remotely via Zoom. School Council meetings are open to the school community. If you are interested in attending the meeting as a guest, please email me at with the subject ‘School Council Guest’. Sub-Committee chairs will contact sub-committees with a call for business and then determine if they meet.

Our Uniform Shop is moving!

Our very talented Grounds & Facilities Maintenance man, Kim McCallum-Howell is currently working with our Uniform Shop Manager, Karen Cyster to move the Uniform Shop from the Prep building to the space previously occupied by the old school hall stage in the Performing Arts Centre. The new location will provide Karen, who also manages the Canteen, a central location to manage our school services. It will also free up a space in the Prep building for small groups of students to work with teachers, education support staff and health professionals.


Christian Holdsworth  -  Principal