My Work Station

Andrea Quinn Grade 2AQ

Co-workers: Husband David, daughter Georgia and sometimes Huckleberry my son’s puppy

Where I work: desk watching the sunrise or looking over the backyard and the beach

Work snacks: endless pots of tea & still eating Easter eggs

Music to motivate me: no music just the sound of the ocean

What I like about working from home: I get to exercise instead of driving to and from work

What I miss: yard duty, meetings, wet day timetable (only kidding!) my grade and the other staff


Nick Bugeja 4NB

Co-workers: Lachie, Jake, Lyndal and Lulu the dog

Where I work: My workstation is set up on the dining table. We have a big room that has two dining tables at the moment, one for me to work on and one where Lachie and Jake do their schoolwork. Mostly we work well together and I can give them a hand with their work when they need it. The most annoying bit about working on dining tables is packing up each night. 

Work snacks: I'm trying to eat healthy so fruit snacks are a big part of it. Occasionally I go past the bakery early in the morning and get a big iced bun for us all to share. 

Music to motivate me: We have a work rule that if we are wearing headphones then we don't want to be interrupted so I am listening to all kinds of stuff. A healthy dose of 80s and 90s rock and grunge along with some newer stuff. I have also branched out a little lately and listened to some classical music while I concentrate. 

What I like about working from home: I am trying to be grateful for the things that we don't normally get to do like spending extra time with family. It is really nice to eat lunch together and shoot a few hoops on the driveway before starting the afternoon's work. This extra time with family is rare and I think I will miss it when we go back to normal. 

What I miss: I miss all of the interactions with people that you have a Malvern PS each day. There are so many daily conversations, jokes and connections that I never fully appreciated until they stopped. 



Robyn James Principal

Co-workers: When I’m working from home my co-workers are my grandsons Rylan and Sebastian

Where I work: At the kitchen table

Work snacks: Avocado dip and crackers are my favourite snacks at the moment

Music to motivate me: I really don’t listen to music as I work, it distracts me too much

What I like about working from home: Spending time with my grandsons is pretty cool

What I miss: I so miss hearing the students around the school and the buzz of the classrooms as I walk around the school, and school assemblies every Monday