Kids Corner

Some of the wonderful work

being done at home

Sasha PSS


A creative maths challenge

Lola C 1CS


Autumn Collage 

Ethan N 1CS



Ethan's adjectives about his Autumn collage

Spencer S 1CS


Keziah 1SD



The Grade One draw and annotated their local park for writing this week.

Rui 1SD


Learning about 2D & 3D shapes

Teddy 1SD



The Grades One were learning about 2D and 3D shapes.

Lucius 1SD 



Drawing of local playground

Angus J and Jack B 2AQ


Angus J                                              


Jack B



The Year 2’s are learning about the Water Cycle and one of the experiments they had to do was to make their own water cycle in a bag and paste it to a window that gets lots of sunlight.

They coloured the water and were able to see the process of evaporation, condensation and precipitation throughout the day in their bag.

A real working water cycle right in front of their eyes!

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Will K 4NB


 Healthy Lunchbox design

Charlie B 4JP




Reading  Plot VS Theme

All work reproduced with permission of parents.