Principal's News

Thank you again for another wonderful week of learning!


We don’t have an update from the Department with regard to students returning to school, except to say that there is due to be an update from the State Government on the 11th May.  As has been the case throughout this crisis, the media reports the advice before we are formally informed through the Department.  We will inform parents of the implications and plans relevant to our community as soon as we are able.  


As we work our way through what is the most significant health crisis our community has had to manage in about 100 years, we thank you for your patience and willingness to adapt.


Now that the teachers have had time to learn how to best present learning to the students and time to develop the skills to move forward, we will be introducing class and small group meetings/lessons with your children using Webex. 


The Department is supporting this platform and has stopped supporting other platforms for teachers to use with the students.  We know that the students are missing the social aspect of school and are looking for greater face to face contact and we believe this platform will assist us to support your child even better.


Some levels trialled meetings last week, with varying degrees of success – thank you for assisting your children. Moving forward, teachers will use the Webex platform to meet and instruct students as appropriate for the year level, so there may be some differences across the school.

For the moment Year Prep and Year 1 teachers will continue to phone families once a fortnight.  In the off week, they will contact students via Webex.  This will also develop over the next few weeks with greater Webex contact.


In Year 2 to Year 6 teachers will engage with your children at least once a week (more often depending on the age of the students).  Again the teachers will provide you with the details you need.


If your child is invited to join a lesson and they’re not available at that time, please do not panic.  Teachers will be recording all lessons and posting them on the Google Classroom for the students to watch (or re-watch) in their own time.  Class meetings will not be recorded.


If parents would like a conversation with the teacher, please email the teacher and they will contact you directly by phone.


Teachers have started to produce instructional videos to assist students and parents to understand the tasks being set.  These will all be available in the Classwork folder of your child’s Google Classroom.


We thank you for your patience and engagement with your child's online learning.


Again thank you for your support, we appreciate that you are juggling a number of balls each day.  Please be kind to yourself and remember that your physical health, mental health and relationships are paramount.


Stay safe.

Robyn James