Learning and Teaching

STEAM thank you

Well done to everyone for a fabulous year. STEAM has really flourished this year and students have enjoyed the challenge of incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts and Maths through their units of work. They have been so engaged in small group activities, whole class challenges and individual projects and I have loved every minute of watching them shine. I am looking forward to hearing all about the adventures your child/ren have in STEAM at Galilee in the future. 


Thank-you to each of you for your support, guidance and patience throughout my years at Galilee. I have appreciated every bit of your support and know that Galilee is so fortunate to have such a caring and supportive community.


It has been a pleasure working with each of you and I will miss you all dearly. Best of luck for 2018 and beyond, I know you will all be in safe hands with the amazing staff we have at the school. 


“Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end.

They simply mean I’ll miss you, until we meet again!”




Merry Christmas and a very safe and Happy New Year.


Kayla Flindt-Petersen

STEAM Leader

Number Intervention

Number Intervention    

Jane Ferris



Congratulations to our many Number Intervention students for the remarkable progress you have made throughout this year. We’re very proud of you!


What do the kids say about Number Intervention?

Throughout this year, we have worked with children from Prep to Four to help them to improve their knowledge and skills in Number. Here are a sample of self-reflections about their learning.  Maddie’s smiling face tells its own story!



Farewell, Sophia!


We say good-bye to our wonderful Learning Support Officer, Sophia, this week, as she prepares for the birth of her baby in February.  We wish you all the best, Sophia, and thank you for your dedication and fantastic work with our children. We’ll miss you!


Parent Helper Programme

Our Parent Helper Programme is off to a wonderful start in Prep, with noticeable achievements in Number already being noted by our Prep teachers. A big thank you to the parents/grandparents who are giving up their time to help!  Parents and Carers, remember to contact me via email to register your interest in the Parent Helper in Maths training course for 2018. 

Parents who have begun our Parent-Helper Training and are working with Preps this term have this to say:

‘By the end of the term I was amazed at the level of understanding and skill they displayed. Clearly this programme worked because the kids were being rotated weekly with different helpers and the results were quite rapid in my opinion. I learnt that kids just need time to understand, that the answers are there but when placed in a one-one situation they are capable of giving the answers in their own timing because they are more comfortable as well. It also helped me to be able to teach my younger kid at home number concepts and how to teach him these concepts to make it fun like a game. That's something really crucial about the whole programme: … the children participate actively because they're excited about the approach and feel like they are winning a fun game!’ (Tiffany Lacey – Prep parent-helper)


‘Over the past few weeks, through the Maths Intervention programme, I have noticed benefits for particular children, because of the one on one experiences focusing on their individual stage of conceptual development. The children have enjoyed the counting and patterning activities and have become increasingly competent in their understandings. The programme has been a wonderful and rewarding volunteering opportunity for me and I hope to be able to be involved as a volunteer again next year.’ (Rae Crawley – Prep Grandparent-helper)


‘I have enjoyed the entire experience of math intervention with the Preps.

Going through the learning process myself and then applying the exercises with the children has been both rewarding and enjoyable. It is a pleasure to see the children improve in such a short time.’ (Anastasia Kritikos – Prep Parent- helper)


I am extremely grateful for the dedication and enthusiasm these wonderful parents/grandparents have had for our Parent Helper programme.  Our Prep teachers, Holly and Brighid, have reported fabulous learning by the students involved in the programme. Please contact me via email (above) if you would like to be a part of the training in 2018. I will notify parents early next year of our starting date.  Thank you very much to the parents who have already contacted me.  I appreciate the support and look forward to another great year of Number Intervention!

Visual Arts Exhibition

Congratulations to the following students :


Eva S

Isabella T

Laura W

A piece of work by these students was submitted to the CEO to be considered for inclusion in the CEO’s Visual Arts Exhibition in March 2018 and we have received confirmation that they were successful.

It is a great honour to be included in this wonderful exhibition.

More information on dates for attending the exhibition will be advertised in 2018.

Well done!

Mal Orr