Principal's Report

Dear Families,

What a year 2017 has been! The students have participated in many learning activities such as: sporting events and competitions, Number Intervention, Faith Nights, Daily 5, camps, excursions and incursions, Book Week performance/ parade/ fair, Masses and school fun days. There has been a growth in engagement with the parents at Galilee in 2017 and I encourage everyone to build upon our successes in 2018.

We thank the following staff who will be leaving, for all their dedication and hard work over the years at Galilee: Anastasia Romios, Kristina Reid, Kayla Hart, Jessica Casey and Sophia Alex .  We wish them every success in the future.  Listed below is the Staffing for 2018 including the positions of leadership. Yesterday the students met their teacher/s and class peers for 2018. Please note that all year levels will again be placed next to one another increasing the connections both in and out of the classrooms.



Prep– Sammy Bamford & Holly Evans (part-time support by Julianne Price and Amy Burns)

Year 1– Cassandra Smith & Laura Cox (Linda Florenca-Grillo Friday)

Year 2– New teacher (community will be informed once new staff member has been appointed) & Brighid Fahy (part-time support by Danielle Gerecke and Amy Burns)

Year 3– Helen Rochecouste & Bianca Wallis

Year 4– Colleen Giles (Julianne Price Monday) & Anna Petrarca (Shaun Tobin Friday)

Year 5– Brittany Ford (Carmen Carnovale Monday) & Tarren Otte (Carmen Carnovale Friday)

Year 6– Charlotte Biggs (Simon grad release) & Joss Coaley (Linda Florenca-Grillo Wednesday 8:50am-11 am, Thursday 11:30am-3:25 pm)

Sport– Shaun Tobin

Art– Mal Orr

Performing Arts– Carmen Carnovale  

Italian & ICT– Carlo Martello

Library Technician– Tegan Stuart

Integration– Pauline Semmens, Rosa Serratore, Tegan Stuart & Maree Santamaria

Administration– Wendy Dalton & Tegan Stuart

Reading Recovery & Levelled Literacy Intervention—Linda Florenca-Grillo

Number Intervention—Jane Ferris



Principal- Simon Millar

Deputy Principals- Danielle Gerecke & Amy Burns

English (shared), Student Wellbeing (shared) & Learning and Teaching- Danielle Gerecke

Maths (shared), Religion & Learning and Teaching- Amy Burns

Maths (shared)- Jane Ferris

English Leader (shared)- Laura Cox

Community Partnerships- Holly Evans & Brighid Fahy

Religious Education Faith- Brittany Ford

Student Wellbeing (shared) & Student Services- Julianne Price

STEAM Leaders-  Holly Evans & Brighid Fahy

IT Infrastructure- Carlo Martello

eLearning- Joss Coaley

Outdoor Environment- Tarren Otte

Sport- Shaun Tobin

Specialists- Mal Orr

Performing Arts/OHS- Carmen Carnovale


Classroom placements  

For most of the term, teachers have been brainstorming and planning class groups for 2018. It is a long thought out process involving consultation with the students (about their friends), evening out genders and needs. Any further requesting for change of class is now not possible with one potential change impacting upon the suitability of many others. Any class grouping requests should have been made by November 10 as stated in previous newsletter and bulletins.

Beginning of 2018

Year 1-6 students will begin Term 1, 2018, on Tuesday January 30. Preps will begin Thursday February 1. 

Please take the time to access the parent calendar for dates throughout the year.     


I would like to thank the staff for their hard work and dedication in providing a positive and challenging learning environment for our students. Thank you to Fr Hugh, Fr Julian and Fr Dean for their support of our families. We are lucky to have such wonderful priests involved with our parishes and school. Fr Julian will be moving on replaced as Parish Priest by Fr Julian. Thank you to Donna McMaster for her expert Chairing of the School Education Board. Donna and other parents on the Board have provided excellent support and leadership initiatives. Thank you to the many parents for their initiatives to involve other parents and families in the life of our school by coordinating and organising a range of successful events throughout 2017. The efforts and attendance of families to gatherings and events are greatly appreciated. Thankyou to Sally for her work with the Social and Fundraising group. This year they have held many successful events supporting our students and families. They provided us with $25000 this year, allowing for the purchase of the new netting and video cameras. Thanyou to Paul for his outstanding work with the DOGs to organise another successful camp and increased involvement of the Dads. Thankyou to Jess for her compassionate and generous time spent in the important role of Family Liaison.

Thankyou to our wonderful students and the rewards they have provided us through their learning and behaviours.

I would like to acknowledge the way Wendy and Tegan perform their roles with such care, patience and efficiency. They are a marvellous support to the students, parents and staff of Galilee.

Thankyou to Amy Burns and Danielle Gerecke who have completed their first year as Deputy Principals. They are outstanding leaders who have worked inclusively with efficiency and professionalism. Danielle is an outstanding teacher and applied the same principles to transition into a successful teacher/leader. Amy has had to adjust to a new role and school and completed the transition seamlessly with outstanding knowledge and inter-personal skills.

Thankyou to the staff for their care for the students and efforts to find ways increase the learning of all. This will continue to be a focus in 2018 with staff participating in more training about using data, student wellbeing and the teaching of Mathematics.

Graduation Mass 2017

Last Monday, the staff and I had the pleasure of being a part of the Year 6 Graduation Mass at OLMC. Below is an excerpt of the speech delivered by the School Captains. The full transcript is available on the Students Reports section of this Newsletter.

Whilst writing this speech Charlotte and I really wanted to get it done so that we could go and jump on the trampoline. So even though we started out as little kids and have become responsible young people, we are still kids just who want to explore the world and learn new things. We want to thank Galilee for playing a huge role in getting us this far in our adventure!

Thankyou to Ethan and Charlotte for being excellent role models as School Captains in 2017.

Student Leadership 2018

Congratulations to Liam M and Agnes M on being elected as School Captains for 2018.  

House Captains and 2018 Leaders are as follows:

Navy Blue House Captains:  Lucy D and Alice K

Ice White House Captains:  Joel B and Gypsy A

Galilee Green House Captains:  Eliza G and Nicholas P

Majestic Maroon House Captains:  Mark L and Giaane L

Wellbeing Leaders:  Sedona F and Alex P

Performing Arts Leaders:  Geremy B and Tiffany H

Visual Arts Leaders:  Lola C and Fabrizio C

Digital Technologies Leaders:  Jett H, Luke C and Lewis L


Congratulations to all of the above students and we are very proud of all students who applied for roles. 

Staff vs Students Netball Game

In a closely fought netball game between students and staff, watched by the whole school, the students were victorious by ONE goal. Congratulations to all participants, particularly Claudia and Miss Smith (both players shot numerous goals).

School Uniform 2018

Thankyou to everyone for their efforts to wear the uniform correctly as outlined in our policy on the website. This year students have had the opportunity to grow out of shoes not fitting our policy. From the beginning of 2018 all students will be required to be in correct shoes. For more information please read the Uniform policy. 

There will be change in 2018 with the Sport Uniform to be worn on the day of timetabled Physical Education lessons AND all Fridays.

Christmas Blessing

On behalf of all staff at Galilee, I would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas break filled with love and joy. Stay safe and we will see you in the new year after a well deserved break. 

I wish all Year 6 Graduates a prosperous future and know that Galilee is now a better place for you having been here. 


Simon Millar