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The Feast of Sacred Heart 


Today we gathered in the church for a special liturgy to celebrate the Feast of Sacred Heart. As Father Dean said, this was such a fitting way to close out our term and to acknowledge this significant feast day, our school name. We thank Father for joining with our students and sharing his beautiful homily during this student led liturgy. We also thank Ms Collins for kindly supporting the students with the preparation and Mr T for his music accompaniment. 

We offer our blessings as the parish will gather on Friday evening to celebrate and acknowledge the Feast of Sacred Heart with their annual dinner. 

Our Sacred Heart

 - by Issy Corrigan 

It’s hard to imagine a child that likes school, 

But if they did that school must be cool,

That school was all about making kids smart,

That’s why we love our Sacred Heart.

But our school wasn’t just about education,

That’s why we think it was the best in the nation,

We shared to much laughter and so much fun,

It was like everyday was a day in the sun.

Our teachers were the best, 

So let’s chuck out the rest,

We never want to leave,

In Sacred Heart we will always believe.

To our great school we thank you,

To the best school we love you,

To the only school we know we will miss you,

To our dear Sacred Heart please keep being you!


Dear Families and Friends,


Above is a stunning poem and reflection written by Issy Corrigan in Yr.6.  As is often referenced over their journey, this is their school and they will always be the greatest advocates. Thanks for sharing Issy!


It’s truly hard to believe our first semester has come to a close. We indeed have much to celebrate and be grateful for in what has been a fabulous and largely an uninterrupted half-year at Sacred Heart. From new students, families and staff, to increased resilience, we have collectively bounced back with a renewed sense of purpose and vigour in 2022. What a joy it has been to watch as we have opened up (and stayed opened) after two very challenging years. 


Whilst we have been impacted by varying degrees of illness across the community, our determination and resolve to forge and maintain a strong wellbeing and clear academic agenda for our students has been a most resounding highlight. On that note, I once again express my deepest gratitude for the trust in welcoming and embracing my leadership into your wonderful  Sacred Heart community. Below, is but a small step and reflective sample of an amazing journey to date and to follow. 


From the introduction and seamless rollout of evidence-based practices, we have made such tremendous gains with:

  • MSL (congratulations Mrs Stroud our newly accredited MSL teacher) 
  • a consistent delivery of Literacy P-6 
  • a sharpened focus on a structured approach to Literacy in P-2 (explicit, systematic teaching that focuses on phonological awareness, word recognition, phonics and decoding & spelling)
  • the investment in a new assessment and data analysis tool, and most importantly,
  • the prioritization of wellbeing approaches underpinned by the Respectful Relationships and Berry Street Education Model (curriculum). 

A clear focus and commitment to wellbeing; this year:

  • We appointed Mr Brown as the dedicated wellbeing leader.
  • Commenced the training of ‘all’ staff (office admin, LSOs, part-time, specialists, classroom teachers) in the Berry Street Education Model and Respectful Relationships program.
  • Timetabled delivery of wellbeing programs. The explicit teaching of social and emotional skills and strategies P-6. 
  • All staff dismiss students in the playground to engage and interact with families.
  • Morning and afternoon staff gate duty to create a strong sense of welcome. Without doubt, a highlight of our day. 
  • Level wellbeing catch-ups with leadership to discuss wellbeing matters
  • Clubs: Running, Mindfuness, Stretching, Art, Gardening, Reading and Fitness

Albeit in the early days, we are thrilled to acknowledge our staff and families have already noticed a positive shift in the attitudes and manner in which our students engage with one another and broader members of our community. In addition to Respectful Relationships, we very much look forward to the impact and influence of the Berry Street Education Model as this is gradually implemented across our classrooms in the coming weeks and months. These two evidenced-based practices will proudly underpin our approach to wellbeing in the future and continue to shape our students on their educational journey. 


This semester, we sincerely thank and congratulate our amazing P&F for supporting and coordinating the following activities for our community:

  • Movie Night 
  • Mother’s Day Morning Tea
  • Mother’s Day Luncheon
  • Kids Disco
  • The Remarkable Grandparents Day
  • Parish Dinner

In August, we expect the delivery of the new furniture for our Prep - Yr.2 classrooms, all funded by the P&F this term. In the coming months we will continue to work closely with the P&F on fundraising initiatives as more invaluable funds will go towards the replacement of all furniture in Yr. 3-6 classrooms and the update of digital screens across the school. P&F, you’ve been amazing! 

Respectful Relationships Update

Next semester, Mr Brown as part of his key role as our wellbeing leader will work closely with the staff and students in the classrooms supporting with the delivery and modelling of the Respectful relationships program during his allocated leadership time.


In addition, fortnightly in the newsletter a page will be dedicated to highlighting the concepts and areas of the Respectful Relationship program implemented across the school. This will provide families with some helpful ideas and considerations for conversations at home to reaffirm the key intentions and behaviours behind this program. We acknowledge, in partnerships with our families, this is where the greatest gains will always be made. 

Berry Street Training

A comment from a two staff members on Monday as we closed out an exceptional day of rich professional learning. “That's the best professional development I have ever had.” "This will add so much value to my teaching and the wellbeing of my students - I loved it."


This week, all staff (one in, all in approach at Sacred Heart) commenced training to bring the Berry Street Education Model (BSEM) into your classroom and whole-school.


In the BSEM course, this outstanding evidenced-based training showed staff how to help students meet their own learning needs by:

  • understanding the impacts of trauma on child development and ability to learn
  • creating a supportive and informed positive education classroom (evidence-based)
  • bolstering student-teacher relationships
  • instilling strengths-based practices across the school.

The training course is arranged around the five BSEM domains:

  • Day 1: Body – how to help our students to regulate their stress response, de-escalate in school and classroom contexts, and provide strategies for increased focus.
  • Day 2: Relationship – positive relational classroom management strategies that promote on-task learning.
  • Day 3: Stamina – how to create a culture of academic persistence in our classrooms by nurturing student resilience, emotional intelligence and a growth mindset. Engagement - motivating our students with strategies that increase their willingness to learn.
  • Day 4: Character – how to harness our values and character strengths approach for effective learning and for future pathways.

In the coming months as we maintain our priority on student wellbeing, we look forward to sharing this exciting new learning with our students and families.  I said to the staff, "This is a ‘one in, all in’ approach for our school. All students are our greatest gift, and we have a collective responsibility  and privilege to positively influence their wellbeing."  

Student Reports and Assessment 

Over the past fortnight, and perhaps noted by your child/ren, all staff have spent time out of the classrooms, assessing the children. These literacy and numeracy assessments are an integral part of the teaching and learning approach at Sacred Heart. Not only do they enable the staff and school to track student and cohort progress, importantly, they form the 'where to next' phase of the teaching and learning cycle. 


In addition, all staff have gathered on a number of occasions to further analyse and reflect on this evidence, to make informed and consistent judgements to improve future student learning and teaching practice. This process has also included the moderation of work samples across teams to affirm or challenge these judgements of student work.  


Last week staff put the final touches to their student reports, reflecting on the personal growth of our students and the analysis of this data/evidence. We are pleased to acknowledge the positive data sets and growth of our students over this period. Overwhelmingly supported by our staff and in partnership with our parents, we congratulate the students for their responsiveness, adaptability and strong desire to learn over this semester. In addition, we also acknowledge the most considerable and personal investment by our staff with the student reports. Congratulations staff; reading and reviewing these in recent days has been such an enriching and affirming experience, celebrating the efforts and growth of your students this semester. You know our students!  

Parent Teacher Interviews - 20th & 21st July

Please note Karen will send an email to all families in Week 1 of Term 3 regarding the scheduling of appointments for the Parent/Teacher interviews via our online platform, PTO.  

Semester Two and Planning for 2023 Underway 

A reminder we have the following changes ready to implement in 2023 and planning is well underway:

  • Straight classes P-6
  • Phase 1 of a Master Plan - Refurbishment of all classrooms (inc.carpets, wall fabric, doors, painting & joinery) 
  • Phasing out of iPads and implementation of Chromebooks for senior classes down
  • New furniture Yr.3-6 and digital screens

Camps 2023

  • Yr.3 Zoo Snooze (Overnight)
  • Yr.4 Camp Maldon - inclusive of Bike Ed (3 days) 6th - 8th Sept
  • Yr. 5 Philip Island (3 days) 3rd - 5th May
  • Yr.6 Canberra (5 days) 27th - 31st March

School Tours 

In recent weeks it has been terrific to take a number of families around the school on tours. Either looking to join our Prep intake or enter at another year level, we have just loved this opportunity to showcase our school and share our story. Keep up the great work families as many families are citing your referrals #bestschoolinthebayside 

Year 3&4 Expo 

A celebration and culmination of their hard work over the term, Year 3 & 4 students showcased their stunning projects to our families and peers earlier in the week with a very special Biome Expo. This was an overwhelming success and celebration of their efforts this term. Well done students, you did an amazing job!

Yr.5/6 Brain Project 

The Yr.5/6 students as part of their science have been focusing on the brain and its function and impact on our physical, mental and social and emotional health. To close out this unique unit of study, they had to research and present an informative project on a specific topic related to the brain. This ranged from alzheimers, to tumours, depression, MND, Autism, ADHD, concussion and tourettes.   Congratulations students, your projects were outstanding and hopefully provided you with a much better understanding of the complexity of the human brain. Thanks for sharing! 

Lightning Premierships

Many thanks to Mr Thiessens for his most impressive coordination of the netball, soccer and football lightning premiership teams last week. Whilst our teams proudly made it through to all finals, they were unable on this occasion to bring home some coveted silverware.  In light of these results, an internal review of all coaching roles is currently underway. It's a brutal industry, Mr Brown, Mr Blake and Miss Healey. 

Once again, we commend our students for their exceptional attitude and great team spirit on the day - acknowledged by all, we'd take this outcome any day of the week! 

Staffing News 

As communicated to our families last week, we offer our sincerest well-wishes to Mrs Fahey and Mrs Biffin as they respectively embrace an exciting new chapter in the coming months. Next semester, Mrs Biffin will take on her own class at St Mary's, Hampton and subsequently had to relinquish her invaluable Thursday role at Sacred Heart. We have been blessed by her influence on our students, staff and families and dearly hope to welcome her back on staff in 2023. 

Mrs Fahey has been an integral part-time member of staff working across many aspects of the school over the past 7 years. Juggling family and growing business interests, Mrs Fahey made the very difficult, yet wise decision to step away from her teaching role spread across two classes. We have loved her influence on our children, staff and families and simply could not wish her more success with these interests.  We are pleased to announce Ms Levy will now work full time in 3/4L and Mrs Stroud will do one day in 1/2RS (formally Mrs Fahey's day) to cover these changes.  


A special call out and a heartfelt thanks to Brigid Pennington and Karen Matthiesson for their leadership and unwavering support with my transition to Sacred Heart this semester. Along with all staff, I am indebted for their level of dedication, generosity and care, and I look forward to returning on this investment in the years to follow. 

New SAC Members Required

We are seeking expressions of interest for two soon to be vacated positions on the School Advisory Council. Typically there is one-two meetings scheduled a term for approximately one hour. Applicants can email

Little Gems

An encore Prep Assembly. How beautiful to have our stunning Preps present their assembly piece again as I was unable to make the morning assembly due to a work commitment. These 'Very Hungry Caterpillars' made me melt and I was simply staggered by their confidence and capacity to recite and share their story.  Ms Maloney, these students are flying under your guidance. 


Prep Writing Samples

Nice work Faustina, Zara and Emily. Thanks for sharing your incredible writing samples with Mrs Pennington and myself. We just love these special visits from our students. 


Year 1&2 Array City

No better way than to integrate some art and craft into their maths lesson as the juniors built a city showcasing their multiplication (arrays) learning. 

Ownership and pride in action. This is their school! Love your work Yr.5&6, as this many hands approach made for a quick end of term clean up of the grounds. 

New Calendar 

Many thanks to Karen for linking our school Google calendar to the school website. In addition to key dates in the newsletter, this additional live calendar platform reflects all key events in moving forward. We are updating this regularly.

Key Dates and Reminders for 

  • 11th July - Term 3 
  • 20th & 21st July - Parent Teacher Interviews
  • 28th July - 3/4 Hoop Time
  • 5th August - 5/6 Hoop Time
  • 8th August - Maths Week
  • 13th August - 3/4 Mass
  • 19th August - School Closure - Respectful Relationships Staff Training
  • 22nd August - Book Week
  • 24th August - Book Parade
  • 2nd September - Father's Day Assembly
  • 3rd September - Dad's Footy Day

And finally...

My sincere thanks again to our students, families and staff for welcoming me into your beautiful community in recent months. It remains the greatest privilege to work and walk alongside you as we shape our future to become the best we can be at Sacred Heart. #bestschoolinthebayside


Wishing all our students, families and staff a safe and well-deserved break.  Buckle up, as the exciting ride has only just begun,


Simon Collis



Instagram: @sacred_heart__sandringham