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MS Disco at Huntingdale Primary School!

  • On the 30th of May and the 31st of May, we had a school disco as a fundraiser for MS. We raised around $578.00 for MS research in Australia.
  •  In the planning stage, Miss Wood and the Community Captains discussed possible causes for a fundraiser. We decided on MS as a good cause for it. Then, we called on the rest of the S.L.C (Student Leadership Council) to decide what the fundraising event was going to be. Some possible options were a Dress-Up Day, a Walkathon, a disco and a Sports Day. We narrowed it down to two options, the Walkathon and the disco. The S.L.C had a vote, and the outcome was to have a disco. We then had to start coming up with ideas about the disco and how it should be planned out.
  • The 5/6 SLC were given the responsibility of planning the date, the time, the music, the food and the decorations each class was going to have. We had to make the decorations and listen to every single song, there were around a hundred songs that the classes requested. The time and date was also a challenge because we were planning to have it on the 29th May all day, but Ms Biddle said that it would disrupt class-time and that we’d have to make it at recess and lunch. We decided to create 2 new dates for the disco, the 30th of May and the 31st May. The form was changed multiple times because of the dates allocated but we finally made a form that was correct. The next ideas that came up was the food, as there are many allergies concerning food. We decided that the Foundation to Grade 4 would bring special food in their own lunchbox. The Grade 5s and 6s had the privilege to bring food to share with all the Grade 5/6s. They had to bring a form back confirming they were allowed to eat shared food and if not, they would not be permitted to eat food.
  • The decorations were managed by Lara O’Brien, a member of the Student Leadership Council (S.L.C) and collected a lot of decorations to put up to celebrate the disco. The music was the most challenging part because the amount of songs from all the classes was huge. Everyone decided to listen to songs and collect notes. They also checked if the songs were not clean, and if so, would change the song to another one that either the SLC or the class had chosen.
  • SETTING UP STAGE: On the Thursday morning prior to the disco, everyone came in and brought some beautiful decorations. The sound system was set up by the Assembly Team, we blew up the balloons, put up the decorations and created the eating area, the dancing area and the DJ area. We also decided on jobs to do around the disco like supervisors or DJ’s. A big thank you to Miss Wood, our wonderful SLC leader who has helped us through all of the stages from planning to setting up. This is what Miss Wood has to say about the disco. “I thought the SLC did a really good job on the disco. I gave them directions and they worked really hard to get everything done by the due date. The disco was a massive success! When we donated to MS research, they actually called the school and said thank you for donating to such a kind cause.” Overall, the disco was an innovative and creative success.

By Zach Servadei and Daisy Harvison

Community Captains