School Council

Huntingdale Primary School:

The Language Lighthouse

It is with great excitement that the School Council and Future Directions would like to introduce Huntingdale Primary School’s vision to be “The Language Lighthouse”. 


This Vision helps support the School’s Strategic Plan 2017-2020 in our key improvement priorities of Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Professional Leadership, Positive Climate for Learning, and especially Community Engagement in Learning.    It is the culmination of numerous engagement sessions with the School Council, the various School Community Subcommittees, the School staff through the Engagement, Student Wellbeing and Achievement Teams, and the Student Leadership Council.


The objectives of the Vision are to:

  • Support the School’s Strategic Plan 2017-2020
  • Provide enhanced opportunities for HPS students
  • Enhance community resources and strengthen community pride
  • Optimise the opportunities with the School Master Planning process
  • Encourage investment into our school from government and private enterprise

The Language Lighthouse Vision is centered around 4 Language Lighthouse Moments.


  1. Language Journey Precinct
  2. Our Sustainable Future
  3. Communicating Diversity
  4. Innovation Incubator


For each of the Language Lighthouse Moments, we have prioritised three Language Lighthouse Initiatives as shown in the graphic.  Look out in the coming newsletters as we shine a spotlight on these Language Lighthouse Initiatives and let you know ways to be involved.


School Council sub-committees


Did you know that in addition to the School Council, Huntingdale Primary School has a number of sub-committees, which comprise of parents and staff and have a particular area of focus?


Beginning this week, the following three sub-committees will provide regular updates via the newsletter:

  • Education and Future Directions Sub-committee
  • Sustainability and Grounds Sub-committee
  • Community Links Sub-committee


The sub-committees meet monthly.


Parents are welcome to join any of the sub-committees at any time – please contact the school office if you’re interested in joining a sub-committee or would like to sit in on a sub-committee meeting just to learn more about the committee’s work. Being part of a sub-committee is a great way to contribute to the school, have a say in the school decision-making, and meet other parents.


Education & Future Directions (E&FD) Subcommittee update


You may have heard the exciting news in the recent State Budget that Huntingdale Primary School has been allocated $5.033 million as part of the Permanent Modular School Buildings Program.  These funds are in addition to the $400,000 for our oval redevelopment and master planning funding that was allocated to our school in the last budget.  It is fabulous to see the State Government addressing the concerns of the school community by investing in our school buildings.


Ruth, Naomi and Chris will be meeting with the Victorian Schools Building Authority Project Manager in June/July to understand the next steps of the process, as well as with our State Government representatives, Steve Dimopoulos MP (Member for Oakleigh) and Heang Tak MP (Member for Clarinda), as we look for continued support with our Future Direction objectives.  


As for an update on the Oval works, the E&FD Subcommittee and School Council are currently working through some further funding conversations with the Minister for Education and the Department of Education and Training to ensure we get the best oval we can for our children.  We hope to have more information soon so that we can share the oval design with the school community.  I hope you are as excited as we are!

Chris Leffler

School Council President